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"Works really well, just like advertised!" - Christian, Verified Customer


PetraTools ULV Electric Fogger

PetraTools ULV Electric Fogger

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The 2-gallon Compact Electric Fogger is a multi-functional tool designed with several purposes in mind. First, our fogging mister is an excellent surface and space cleaner for homes, schools, offices, gyms, and buildings of any type. Second, our Misting Fogger is a favorite of growers needing superior crop and pest management application capabilities. Use our Electric Compact Fogger to mist the solution or IPM of your choice on crops & plants and in greenhouses or any growing area.

PetraTools Electric Compact Fogger is going to change the way you take care of business. Whether you need reliable pest control on cash crops, an easy way to obtain an even application of fertilizer on your greenhouse plants, or a peace-of-mind method of cleaning, the PetraTools Electric Compact Fogger is the smart choice.
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    • Ultra-low volume technology
    • Up to 20 ft spray coverage
    • Easy access flow adjuster
    • Strong, durable side strap
    • 16 ft electric cord
    • Ergonomic handle
    • Outstanding customer support

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