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"Must have for any herbicide spraying." - Stephen Johnson, Verified Customer


PetraMax Sprayer's Surfactant Max

PetraMax Sprayer's Surfactant Max

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PetraTools’ Herbicide Surfactant is a new, exciting product that enhances the effectiveness of your garden and lawn care solutions, so you can create a healthy and attractive lawn and a gorgeous garden. It’s a ready-to-use liquid that penetrates all plants and dissolves waxy cuticles to allow your chosen lawn care solution to pass through the plant leaf. It’s effective with solutions such as herbicides, insecticides, fungicides, fertilizers, and many more. This herbicide surfactant also contains ammonium sulfate for better nutrient absorption, so your plants will be healthier with less fertilization. Our herbicide surfactant is a concentrated liquid that you can add to your lawn care solution and water. Use our herbicide surfactant with one of our PetraTools’ Sprayers or any other type of lawn sprayer. Enhance the efficacy of any solution with PetraTools Herbicde Sprayer’s Surfactant.

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  • Alcohol-free and non-flammable
  • For various types of applications
  • Provides better plant saturation
  • 80%-active wetting agent blend
  • Outstanding customer support

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