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"Huge Windstorm and heavy rains and mulch held perfectly!" - Jameson W., Verified Customer


PetraMax Mulch Glue SuperMax

PetraMax Mulch Glue SuperMax

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PetraTools’ SuperMax Mulch Glue is an innovative garden and lawn care solution designed to firmly bond any landscaping material. After you spread mulch, pea gravel, wood chips, pine straw, shells, or sand in your landscape beds, simply apply a coat of our ultra-strong SuperMax Mulch Glue. This adhesive spray will firmly lock mulch and other bedding materials in place preventing erosion and washout. Retaining an even layer of mulch is important because it helps lock in moisture and provides protection for your soil.
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  • Firmly locks bedding materials in place
  • 50% concentrated solution just add water
  • Keeps bedding materials in place for up to a full year
  • Dries quickly and is invisible
  • Allows oxygen, water, and nutrients to pass through for healthy soil
  • Quick, easy, cost-effective, and safe for people, pets, and the environment

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