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PetraMax Liquid Fertilizer Max

PetraMax Liquid Fertilizer Max

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PetraTools’ Max Strength Liquid Fertilizer is a top-quality lawn fertilizer. The fast-acting formula of this lawn care solution provides both quick-release and slow-release nitrogen for rapid green growth and the ongoing development of deep roots, making it the perfect liquid fertilizer for lawns. Our highly concentrated formula treats up to 12,800 sq. ft., and 1 gallon is ideal for the average size yard. PetraTools’ Max Strength Liquid Fertilizer contains natural plant extracts that help enhance the absorption of nutrients, so you’ll get better results with less product. This lawn care solution formula is an effective liquid fertilizer for lawns as it contains chelated iron for improved root development and potassium sulfate for disease resistance.

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  • For all grass types
  • Best for spring and summer
  • Fast-release
  • Nitrogen for healthy green
  • Phosphorous for root strength
  • Potassium for lawn vigor
  • With humid acid for root development
  • Outstanding customer support

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