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"Melted all my thatch away like butter!" - Philip P, Verified Customer


PetraMax Lawn Dethatcher Max

PetraMax Lawn Dethatcher Max

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Are you looking for a natural solution for your difficult-to-grow grass? PetraTools’ Dethatcher - Liquid Lawn Solution is a lawn care solution designed specifically to help you solve the problems thatch can create. This liquid lawn dethatcher acts as liquid lawn fertilizer and a lawn care solution that will boost biostimulants in the soil. Using our liquid lawn dethatcher once a month reduces thatch, grass clippings, and any organic lawn waste. It is a 100% natural product and an ideal way to boost the health, growth, and attractiveness of your lawn.


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  • Decomposes thatch naturally
  • Fast-acting
  • Boosts biostimulants in the soil
  • Outstanding customer support
  • Works for all grass types

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