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"This is the best product to keep your mulch looking fresh" - Tricia M, Verified Customer


PetraMax Black Mulch Dye Max

PetraMax Black Mulch Dye Max

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PetraTools Black Mulch Dye is a superior colorant that aids in restoring the faded color of mulches. It's designed with wetting agents to help to spread the dye efficiently and allow you to get the most precise application. In time, mulch fades and your once beautiful and contrasting landscape beds are now dull and lifeless with little color. There is no need to do the backbreaking and expensive work of re-mulching when you have PetraTools’ Black Mulch Dye. In a short time, you can quickly and easily revive that beautiful look. This lawn care solution is a black mulch dye perfect for use with natural materials such as aged leaves, bark, and mulch of any kind. Our highly effective, all-natural colorant gives your mulch or organic material the rich black color that looks great with any landscape. With a higher concentration of dye, this lawn care solution allows for more coverage per gallon. Our black mulch dye doesn’t fade over time even in rain or sunlight exposure.

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  • 30x more concentrated
  • Dries quickly
  • Non-hazardous
  • Rainproof
  • UV-resistant
  • 100% pigment-based colorant
  • Outstanding customer support

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