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"I absolutely love this fogger. Lightweight and very efficient." - Kaligirl, Verified Customer


PetraGrow CannaFogger Atomizer (New Mini Fogger)

PetraGrow CannaFogger Atomizer (New Mini Fogger)

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The Mini Fogger is now the CannaFogger! The most reliable plant mister for your growing needs! Equipped with the largest battery in our Handheld Electromizer collection, the CannaFogger can spray continuously for up to 2 hours! This fine mist sprayer is designed to mist fertilizers, IPMs, or other plant solutions efficiently in record time! It sprays at the submicron level which makes it ideal for plants with delicate leaves and fruits. The CannaFogger is best for home growers that need a dedicated sprayer for their plants! It’s best paired with the PetraGrow Crop Defender and the All-in-one Plant Fuel to achieve the best yield. 
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  • Fog volume indicator
  • 2200 mAh rechargeable battery
  • Battery power indicator
  • Copper siphon nozzle
  • 3 Fog Volume Settings
  • USB Type C charging port
  • Outstanding customer support

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