Liquid Lawn Aerator Fast Action Support Page

How does our Liquid Lawn Aerator Fast Action work?

Liquid Lawn Aerator Fast Action will fortify your lawn while breaking down dense particles to improve the availability of nutrients and increase growth.

How do you use our Liquid Lawn Aerator Fast Action?

Our fast action formula is easy to use and easy to apply, especially with a PetraTools Battery Powered Sprayer, just follow the detailed mixing instructions on the back of every bottle.


For each gallon of water, add 1 TSP (5ml) of our Aerator solution.


Put water in the tank of your sprayer, then apply the appropriate amount our Aerator solution.


You can add other chemicals or fertilizers if so desired, however, if the chemical label of the additional solution states, ‘Do Not Use a Surfactant’, then don’t use the Aerator in that tank mix. Otherwise, our Aerator is compatible with most liquid fertilizers and herbicides and can even improve the chemical performance of the other solutions.


Agitate the tank or your sprayer or mixer until the Aerator is thoroughly mixed


Lightly apply to grass in a sweeping motion at a rate of 1 gallon per 1,000 sq. ft.


Activate our Aerator with irrigation or rainfall after the application


Use 1 to 4 times per year through the growing season on compacted soils as needed.

What are the ingredients in our Liquid Lawn Aerator Fast Action?

The ingredients in our Aerator will begin working immediately.


Put your soil compaction problems behind you, and enjoy the look of an aesthetically pleasing lawn with PetraTools’ Liquid Lawn Aerator Fast Action.