HD Concrete Sprayer Support Page

How does the HD Concrete Sprayer work?

PetraTools’ 2 Gallon HD Concrete Sprayer is a versatile sprayer that can be used to tackle any project—from sealing concrete to applying fertilizers and insecticides.

What's included with the HD Concrete Sprayer?

The HD Concrete Sprayer comes with a fully-assembled tank and pump and two different adjustable nozzles. The sprayer is made from durable steel that won't corrode, leak, or rust!

What are the features & benefits of the HD Concrete Sprayer?

You can use the HD Concrete sprayer to apply the most durable and environmentally-friendly type of sealant or any chemical-based weed or pest control substance with confidence. Different nozzles for perfect spraying experience. Removable filter Heavy-duty wand Locking trigger Large-flow Piston Rod Pressure Gauge Full set of Viton™ Seals

How do you use HD Concrete Sprayer?

PetraTools' newest powerful sprayer is easy to apply and so easy to use!


Step 1

Pull the unit out of the box.


Step 2

Attach the hose to the sprayer. Screw it on tightly.


Step 3

Attach the comfort-grip handle to the hose.


Step 4

Connect the wand to the handle.


Step 5

Connect the nozzle to the wand.


Step 6

Tighten the spray handle.

Where could you use the HD Concrete Sprayer?

The HD Concrete Sprayer is perfect for indoor and outdoor projects that call for spraying concrete or sealant, including:
Sealing driveways, patios, and decks Applying waterproofing to basements and foundations Cleaning gutters & downspouts Pesticides and fertilizer applications
Pesticides and fertilizer applications The adjustable nozzle allows you to control how much concrete is sprayed and where it goes. It's easy to use: simply fill up the tank with your chosen liquid, pump, and spray away!


PetraTools HD Concrete Sprayer is made to last and is the perfect companion for spraying or treating concrete, brick, cement, and many other heavy-duty tasks. With its sturdiness, portability, and professional features, this sprayer will work wonders when you take on your next project. It’s cost-effective, convenient, and reliable.