Go Organic, Grow Bountiful Harvests with All-in-One Plant Fuel!

How does All-in-One Plant Fuel work?

All-in-One Plant Fuel is an organic fertilizer made for growers by growers. This unique blend of ingredients provides your plants and crops with the nutrients they need to achieve maximum health and produce more flowers, foliage, fruit, or veggies in less time!

What's in All-in-One Plant Fuel?

All-in-One Plant Fuel is a 100% Organic nutrient blend designed for outdoor growth conditions. It contains a balanced blend of nutrients including amino acids, fatty acids, carbohydrates and minerals. The organic and bioavailable components of this fertilizer promote bountiful, healthy harvests.

What are the features & benefits of All-in-One Plant Fuel?

It's a no-brainer fertilizer, great for beginners and more experienced gardeners who want to grow stronger roots, faster growth, and bigger yields. It's the perfect all-in-one system with nutrients to support plant growth from seedling to harvest.

How do you use All-in-One Plant Fuel?

PetraTools's newest fertilizer is easy to apply and so easy to use! For best results, use this fertilizer 1-2 times per week with a PetraTools sprayer to get even and complete coverage in your plant’s medium. Do not mix All-in-one Plant Fuel with other fertilizers as it will lower efficacy. 


Step 1

Shake the bottle well before use.


Step 2

Dilute the fertilizer to pH'd water. The ratio of water to fertilizer that you use depends on your plant's growth stage. (See below)


Step 3

Spray away using your PetraTools battery-powered sprayer.

Where could you use the All-in-One Plant Fuel?

This is designed for outdoor growth conditions and is ideal as a soil drench. It can be used in every stage of growth, throughout your plant’s life cycle–from seedling all the way through flowering.


PetraTools’ All-in-One Plant Fuel Fertilizer is a wonderful 100% organic nutrient solution with a high carbohydrate content and 18 L-Amino acids that supply your plants with the necessary food to grow to their fullest potential. It's made by growers, for growers.