If you spend any time outdoors or indoors trying to improve the aesthetic value of your surroundings, you’ve probably heard of Worm Tea. At PetraTools, our Worm Tea Concentrate formula was developed with technology that was derived from over 40 years of professional commercial agricultural experience.


What is Worm Tea? 

Our all-natural, environmentally friendly Worm Tea will enrich soil and improve the health and growth of your garden, indoor & outdoor plants, lawn, flowers, and vegetables.   

PetraTools Worm Tea Concentrate is: 

  • A solution that provides minerals, vitamins, and the naturally occurring, beneficial bacteria your lawn & garden needs to grow & thrive
  • Made from blackstrap molasses and worm compost
  • Ideal for both hydroponics and any soil-based plant growth 
  • Designed to reduce root rot and pathogens in soil 
  • An organic liquid solution that comes in 3 sizes: 8 oz., 32 oz., and 1 gallon 


 What Are the Ingredients in Worm Tea?

Our Worm Tea solution is made with safe and eco-conscious ingredients that are gentle, yet powerfully effective.  

The ingredients in our PetraTools Worm Tea are: 

  • USA based, pesticide-free, non-toxic, and all-natural
  • 100% formulated for organic production
  • A super strength concentrate made from aged worm castings 
  • 100% safe when used as directed and legitimately all-natural with no additives so it won’t harm pets or people


How Does Worm Tea Work? 

Worms create substances that act as growth hormones, cell regulators, and anti-aging compounds, and as a result, Worm Tea is like an all-natural growth hormone in concentrate form that creates an ideal soil structure that is essential for the health & growth of your lawn, garden, and plants.  

Our Worm Tea works to: 

  • Give a powerful liquid vitamin booster to your soil and plants 
  • Wake up the dormant microorganisms when applied to leaves and soil so that the various bacteria and microbes can perform a number of important tasks 
  • Allow microorganisms to release the nutrients from the organic matter back into the soil where plants can absorb it 
  • Leave oxygenated pockets in the soil that help roots breathe and store water 


What Are the Benefits of Worm Tea?

Our Worm Tea concentrated formula helps infuse and repopulate the soil with beneficial microbes that naturally prevent plant diseases. 

The beneficial results of using our Worm Tea are:  

  • Restoration of the soil structure 
  • Aeration of the soil, so it’s more porous and better able to hold water 
  • Addition of beneficial bacteria & vital nutrients to advance growth and super-charge grass, plants, and other vegetation 
  • Lowers the soil pH levels to reduce the chance for disease.
  • Suspends the beneficial bacteria, preventing it from falling to the bottom of the bottle and dying  


Why Avoid Commercial Fertilizers? 

Commercial solutions kill beneficial microorganisms in the soil and can contaminate the soil, water, turf, and other vegetation making them dangerous for animals, insects, and other green growth.  

Preservatives kill bacteria, and we do not use them in the tea itself, instead:  

  • Molasses is a food agent for feeding bacteria and is used in a base ingredient of the formula
  •  We oxygenate the tanks daily for bacterial growth. Once bottled, it’s suspended in animation through Ph control until its added to water to apply.

  • To rebuild the soil after commercial fertilizers are used, use Worm Tea to rejuvenate the soil while encouraging the regrowth of beneficial bacteria.  


How to Mix and Store Our Worm Tea Concentrate? 

PetraTools Worm Tea is easy to mix and store.

  • Add just 1 to 2 teaspoons of Worm Tea per gallon of water 
  • Our one-gallon size will yield up to 700 gallons of a powerful and effective Worm Tea solution
  • You can never ‘over Worm Tea’ your plants, so feel free to use it freely, but ideally, apply at once a week  
  • Mix 5 ounces of our Worm Tea to a gallon of water and apply to the top layer of your compost pile 
  • Mix it thoroughly throughout the pile of compost for best results  
  • Worm Tea Concentrate has guaranteed active microbes for 12 months if kept between 45°F and 75°F
  • It’s important to fully tighten the cap before storing. 
  • Formulations like this should be stable for at least a year, but are more sensitive to temperature swings and humidity


How to Use Our Worm Tea Concentrate? 

We recommend applying Worm Tea with one our PetraTools Sprayers, but you can choose the application method of your choice.  

Things to consider with the application of our Worm Tea: 

  • To amplify the benefits of our Worm Tea, put down your compost before you spray the leaves of your plants. 
  • Apply Worm Tea to seedlings up to 2 weeks before transport to help roots take up essential nutrients needed for survival.  
  • As a foliar spray, PetraTools Worm Tea helps produce more leaves, larger stems, and more nutrient delivery. 


In Conclusion:

Gardeners and horticulturalists alike have trusted worm castings for decades, and now their secret weapon can be purchased in a safe and convenient concentrate shipped right to your door! Take your vegetable growing, lawn care, and flower beds to the next level with PetraTools’ Worm Tea Concentrate!