There are dozens of different kinds of fertilizers, herbicides, weed killers and spray solutions for your lawn and garden. These solutions are designed to help you improve and maintain the health of your grass and plants of all kinds. You want to maximize the effectiveness of these solutions when you are using them, and you want a thorough application without waste. There are many advantages a good a lawn spray indictor dye can provide you. Read on to discover how a lawn dye can help you, and what benefits it may have for your DIY lawn and garden needs.


What is the blue stuff they spray on weeds? 

That blue stuff that’s sprayed on weeds is better known as a lawn spray indicator dye. But it isn’t just for weeds. A blue lawn spray indicator dye, a.k.a. lawn marking dye, can be added to any liquid solution such as fertilizers, herbicides, pesticides, fungicides, and many others. The purpose of adding this lawn marking dye is so that you can instantly see exactly where your solutions have been applied. It ‘colors’ the spray you are applying, turning it a visible blue. This allows you to see the spray pattern as it is coming out of the nozzle and know exactly where it has been applied. This visibility results in accurate and thorough coverage without overspray and waste. A lawn marking dye colors the solution, allows you to see where you are spraying, but shortly after application, it fades and leaves no trace.

A lawn spray indicator dye:

  • Is a highly visible blue dye for lawn and garden use that is added to other solutions
  • Is a lawn spray indicator dye that allows you to see where you have applied your solution
  • Is a temporary colorant that is added to water-soluble solutions
  • Is an indicator spray that will dissipate in 24 to 48 hours after application
  • Gives you the convenience of an even spray without wasteful overlap


Where would it be necessary to use a marking dye? 

Adding lawn marking dye to your liquid solutions is never necessary. However, it will provide you with a host of benefits.

The advantages of a blue dye for lawn and garden use are:

  • It allows you to see at a glance exactly where you have sprayed thus ensuring thorough coverage without any overlap
  • It avoids waste of liquid solutions and increases cost effectiveness
  • It is non-toxic and non-corrosive
  • It has no effect on the solution you are applying
  • It fades quickly
  • It can help detect clogs in nozzles or blockages in sprayers
  • Won’t stain
  • It is safe for grass, plants, people, and pets

How do you use lawn marking dye? 

A blue dye for lawn and garden use will essentially help you spray just the right amount of solution exactly where you want it without overlap or over-spraying. This will help efficiently apply the ideal amount of any liquid spray solution.

A battery powered lawn and garden sprayer is recommended when applying any type of liquid solution. Just add your indicator dye and you are ready to go.

Suggestions for use:

  • Read the label for the appropriate mix ratio
  • Generally, add 1 teaspoon of lawn marking dye to one gallon of water
  • You can increase or decrease the amount of indicator dye to get a darker or lighter visual
  • Clean and thoroughly rinse your spraying apparatus after using 


How do you make marker dye?

Making your own blue indicator dye is possible. There are various recipes out there that include adding food coloring to your spray or adding a little over an ounce Blue Rit dye to your liquid solution. However, this is not recommended. First, Rit Dye and food coloring can stain, and the color can last on grass and plants giving a blue tint. Dyes and food colorings can stain hands and clothing as well.

Use a blue marking dye specifically designed for use on your lawn and garden because:

  • It is made as an additive for fertilizers, herbicides, pesticides, weed killers, and more
  • It will fade quickly
  • After drying, it won’t stain or rub off
  • You won’t see any evidence of this indicator spray additive
  • It is perfectly safe for plants and grass of all types
  • It is easy to use and mix
  • A small amount goes a long way


Are you looking for a reliable blue lawn spray indicator dye that works well and will help you enhance your spray solutions to their maximum efficiency? If so, PetraTools’ Sprayer’s Blue Herbicide Dye is an ideal indicator spray for all your lawn and gardening needs.

Choose PetraTools’ Sprayer’s Blue for the following reasons:

  • It is a hyper concentrated, water-soluble spray colorant that is 3 times more concentrated than comparable pattern indicators
  • PetraTools is an American, family-owned business dedicated to superior customer support
  • Gardeners and lawn care enthusiasts love the convenience and cost saving efficiency
  • Helps ensure an even and precise application with no over spray or waste
  • Maximizes the efficiency of fertilizers, herbicides, pesticides, weed killers, and more
  • Fades in 48 hours or less
  • Non-toxic and non-corrosive
  • Helps detect spray faults
  • Reduces chemical costs
  • All PetraTools’ products come with a 100% satisfaction guarantee


Blue lawn spray indicator dye or lawn making dye is not a necessary product, but when added to other liquid solutions, it will help you save money by avoiding over-spraying. It will give you the convenience of knowing exactly where your spray has gone and which areas of grass or plants have already been treated. It makes your life easier and can help optimize the health and growth of your lawn and garden.