Unlike a typical sprayer that is used to apply solutions or water that lays directly on the surface of objects, foggers are devices that emit microscopic droplets that evenly and thoroughly coat the surface of an object while also penetrating tight corners and landing in hard-to-reach areas. Foggers derived from the military’s pulse-jet technology, and from there the first fogger was designed to create a dense spreading of fog clouds. Because of the fogger’s superior ability to coat and cover any surface, it has become useful for a variety of purposes including sanitizing, cleaning, deodorizing, pest control, weed control, and mold & mildew control.  

What Are Foggers?   

A man using PetraTools backpack fogger in fogging the plants

Foggers are devices that create a very fine mist from a liquid. Typically, foggers are filled with liquid cleaners, insecticides, fungicides, or a variety of pest control solutions. The type of liquid that is added to the fogger is what determines the fogger's use.


  • Emit microscopic particles that cling easily surfaces, objects, and any difficult to reach area
  • Ensure a thorough, even, all around coating of a liquid solution, not just a top coat
  • Are used in a variety of ways including cleaning & sanitizing, weed & pest control, mold remediation, and disinfecting


How Do Foggers Work? 

A man using backpack fogger in spraying on plants

The fogger takes a liquid solution and turns it into microscopic size droplets. These droplets are able to effectively and evenly coat surfaces and penetrate tight areas, corners, cracks, crevices, nooks, crannies, and hard to reach areas. The applied liquid solution is then spread far and wide, unlike the liquids coming from a sprayer which only lay atop the surface of an object.

Foggers are different from other types of sprayers in a variety of ways:

  • Foggers are not to be confused with electrostatic sprayers.
  • Foggers broadcast a dry or cold fog onto the air so that the fog or micron sized droplets can connect to surfaces and cling to tough to reach places.
  • Electrostatic sprayers and foggers emit different particle sizes. Foggers generally emit 15 to 60 microns, with most producing particles in the range of 10-30 microns. Electrostatic sprayers produce particles in the 65 to 85 micron range.
  • The fogger then emits the smallest particle size, and you will need to understand the liquid solution you are using in order to decide which device you should choose.
  • If the disinfectant or other liquid solution requires a longer dwelling time, then a smaller particle may evaporate too fast and may not remain on surfaces long enough to be effective.
  • When it comes to pest control solutions however, foggers are generally the preferred choice.


What Are the Uses for Foggers:

There are different types of foggers, but generally there are 5 main uses for these devices.

Foggers can be used as:  

  • As a disinfecting device, foggers can turn liquid, industrial disinfectants into microscopic droplets that thoroughly coat surfaces and objects going into tight corners and hard to reach areas. When using industrial disinfectants, foggers can be used to kill viruses, bacteria, and contaminants.
  • Similar to disinfecting, foggers can be used for cleaning and sanitizing. The microscopic droplets reach cracks, crevices, and thoroughly and evenly coat surfaces to help sanitize objects and surfaces.
  • Foggers are effective pest control devices. When spraying on plants, leaves, or any area, the microscopic droplets produced by the fogger allow the fogged solution to penetrate every hideout or nook that pests may have penetrated. Foggers are excellent for misting plants, and ridding an area of mosquitos as the fog droplets linger in the air and evenly coat all surfaces and every nook & cranny.
  • Weed control is made more efficient when using a fogger, as the microscopic droplets from the fogger effectively land on all areas of plants from the base, stem, and all parts of the leaf and flower.
  • Mold and mildew can be controlled more aggressively with a fogger. Again, the microscopic droplets reach spores on surfaces, walls, corners, ceilings, and cramped areas where mold and mildew can form.


What Are the Benefits of Foggers:

As was mentioned, foggers emit microscopic particles that are unseen by the eye. The super small size allows these particles to reach areas that typical spraying cannot achieve. Therefore, when using a fogger, the atomized mist floats into the air and extensively coats surfaces, objects, floors, walls, ceilings, and more. Fogger mist also effectively coats plants and vegetation. The microscopic droplet size and its ability to coat virtually everything is what makes the fogger different that other spraying units.

The Benefits of Foggers Are Numerous:
  • Fogging is effective for a wide variety of needs including pest, weed, and mold & mildew control, cleaning, sanitizing, and disinfecting.
  • The microscopic droplet size successfully reaches & coats objects, surfaces, areas, and spaces.
  • Foggers are easy to use and work with almost any liquid solution.



While you will find a variety of foggers on the market, Petratools has 3 innovative and effective foggers that serve a variety of needs. As with all PetraTools’ products, these foggers are built rock-solid and feature numerous advantages for the user. When you purchase a PetraTools product, you’ll also enjoy industry-leading customer support.

There is a PetraTools Fogger for your needs:

PetraTools Mini Fogger
  • The PetraTools’ Mini Fogger is a handheld, battery-powered, rechargeable fogger designed for gentle misting for young and delicate plants. Our mini fogger has become the grower’s go-to tool for watering seedlings, doing foliar feeding, or performing pest control on any plant, especially those that need delicate care.
A man using PetraTools Compact Fogger
  • The PetraTools’ Compact Fogger is a 2-gallon electric fogger with a comfortable strap that can be worn over the shoulder. It ideal for cleaning and deodorizing homes, schools, offices, gyms, and buildings of any type. It is also a superior tool to mist the solution of IPM of your choice on crops & plants and in greenhouses or any growing area.
A lady using PetraTools bacpack fogger
  • The PetraTools’ ULV Fogger is a 4-gallon electric fogger that can sit on a flat surface or be worn as a backpack while fogging. As with the Compact Fogger, the ULV fogger is an ultra-low volume fogger that provides superior cleaning and deodorizing to any area or space. And like the Compact fogger, it is a favorite of growers for crop and pest management application capabilities. Choose your favorite mosquito control and give it a try around your patio, deck, or porch for a mosquito-free, outdoor area.

Stop cleaning, deodorizing, and sanitizing & caring for your plants, crops, and greenhouses in a substandard fashion, and discover for yourself the atomizing benefit of the fogger. Select the size and type that is right for your needs, and experience the outstanding benefits of microscopic droplets.