We spread mulch in our flower beds, because it helps our outdoor space look attractive, neat and well-manicured. Mulch also adds a beautiful splash of contrasting colors to landscaping, emphasizing the deep emerald green of our lawns and gardens against the deep brown, black, or red hue of our mulch. Mulch is also a great way to help retain the moisture in our soil by providing a protective layer over the ground. It also helps block weeds and keep plant roots cool. Mulch puts the finishing touch on the overall appearance and well-being of our landscaping.


What is Mulch?

A hand holding PetraTools mulch glue in 16oz variant

Mulch is any type of material that we spread over the surface of our soil. It acts as a cover or protective layer over the ground and as a decorative detail that adds curb appeal to our homes.

Some important information about mulch:

  • There are two categories of mulch: organic and inorganic
  • Organic mulch is made of natural materials
  • Inorganic mulch is made of synthetic material
  • Both types of mulch block weeds, but inorganic is a more powerful weed blocker
  • Inorganic mulch does not add value to the soil in the way of nutrients
  • The best time to spread mulch is Spring
  • Fall mulching helps conserve moisture in the soil as well as provide root protection


What is Mulch Glue?

A gallon of PetraTools mulch glue and a sprayer applying mulch glue on mulch

We agree that mulch is a great way to add aesthetic value to your outdoor space. But we also know that mulch can get messy. Wind, rain, and weather can wash mulch out of your beds and onto your walkways and into your yard. It can be a challenge and an inconvenience to constantly sweep mulch back into the bed where it belongs. Further, runaway mulch can mean you will most likely need to re-mulch again to maintain the great look. Mulch Glue is an innovative lawn care solution designed to lock mulch and other bedding materials in place, or ‘glue’ mulch down so it is not washed away or blown away. If you are looking for a landscaping and lawn care solution that will help you maintain a neat and attractive appearance, mulch glue is worth a try.

Mulch Glue:

  • An adhesive spray that keeps mulch, stones, hay, or any organic material in place
  • A quick way to lock mulch and bedding material in place
  • Helps avoid the need for constant clean up and sweeping away of loose mulch
  • Does not interfere with the growth of plants or flowers
  • A type of finish spray that helps anchor bedding material so it doesn’t wash away
  • Extends the life of your mulch
  • Keeps your landscaping and flower beds looking neat and well-maintained

A common question about mulch glue is: How long does mulch glue last? And the answer to this is – it depends. Various brands and formulas may differ, but some of the best mulch glues can lock materials into place for many months.


How does mulch glue work?

An up side down bed of mulch, showig how effective PetraTools mulch glue is

Mulch glue is a type of bonding agent that when sprayed over the top of your mulch, locks it in place, making it highly resistant to erosion. Once applied on your mulch, it acts as a protective covering. Mulch glue is normally a concentrated formula that needs to be mixed with water before applying. If you would like to know how to get mulch to stick together, give mulch glue a try.

Mulch glue is best applied with a lawn and garden sprayer because it:

  • It bonds and uniformly covers the mulch or material in your beds
  • Easily adheres to your bedding material bonding it into a cohesive unit 
  • Can last for an entire year even with rain and sunlight exposure.  


Does mulch glue work?

Comparisson of two mulch bed, one with mulch glue and the other one is without mulch glue

Mulch glue is a highly effective product for locking your mulch in place. Results may vary due to the formula and concentration of different brands, but you will find that your mulch and bedding material will stay put without washing or blowing away. Mulch glue is a garden and lawn care solution that will add convenience and efficiency to your outdoor chores.

There are many benefits to mulch glue:

  • Works on any type bedding material, both organic and inorganic 
  • Works on wood or rubber mulch, wood chips, pine, old grass clippings and more 
  • Safe people, pets, and the environment 
  • Cost-effective, prevents re-mulching after washout 
  • Keeps landscaping beds neat and tidy
  • Avoids the need to clean up stray mulch   
  • Sprays on evenly and covers uniformly  
  • Lasts for up to a year  
  • Dries quickly
  • It dries clear
  • Does not oxygen, water, and nutrients from plants
  • Can help control weeds


How to use mulch glue?

Steps on how to apply mulch glue on mulch

Mulch glue is a lawn care solution that will help you maintain neat flower and landscaping beds year-round. It is best applied with a lawn and garden sprayer.

Recommendation for the application of Mulch Glue:  

  • A battery-powered sprayer helps you evenly apply your mulch glue 
  • Shake the bottle and follow the mixing instructions 
  • Fan nozzles provide the best application.  
  • Keep the spray about 6 to 8 inches above the mulch 
  • Avoid spraying on a windy day 
  • Allow about 1 hour for drying 


What is mulch glue made of?

Ingredients in mulch glue

Most mulch glues are a concentrated formula that when mixed with water becomes an effective adhesive spray. It can be applied over mulch, pea gravel, wood chips, or any bedding material to lock it in place, so it is resistant to being displaced from the landscaping bed.

The ingredients in mulch glues are generally:

  • Non-toxic and pesticide free
  • Safe for pets and people 
  • Water-based 
  • Rapid drying   
  • Rain Proof 
  • UV Resistant  


What are the other uses of mulch glue?

Mulch glue was designed to hold landscaping and bedding material in place. It is a strong adhesive that bonds materials together into a cohesive unit. It is recommended for outdoor use and is effective for materials such as pea gravel, mulch, wood chips, rubber mulch, pebbles, and just about anything you would put in a landscaping bed. No other use for mulch glue is recommended.


If you want a mulch glue that will outperform other brands, give PetraTools’ Super Max Mulch Glue a try. This formula effectively locks much, bark, stones, or gravel in place, making them resistant to erosion.

PetraTools Super Max Mulch Glue has many advantages:

  • It’s an ultra-concentrated formula
  • 50% more concentrated than most other brands
  • Made in the USA
  • Safe for people and pets
  • Safe for sprayers
  • Water-based binder technology
  • Works on most bedding materials
  • Dries quickly
  • Lasts for up to a year
  • Sprays on evenly
  • Dries clear
  • Allows for nutrients and water to pass through for the soil
  • Cost effective & efficient


Keeping bedding materials locked in place with mulch glue will help you keep your home and landscaping looking neat and tidy. It will also save you money as you won’t need to continually re-mulch. Mulch glue is easy to use and easy to apply, so if you want a landscaping, gardening, and lawn care solution that will add appeal to your home, then mulch glue should be your next DIY project.