A hand pump sprayer is an essential tool that every homeowner, gardener, and indoor & outdoor plant care enthusiast should have. With a hand held pump sprayer, you can evenly apply a variety of solutions including liquid fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides, insecticides, and weed killers quickly and easily. Anytime you need to treat your plants, garden, or flower beds, a hand held pump sprayer is just what you need. While it will require some arm action in order to get started, a hand pump sprayer won’t cause your hand and fingers to cramp or become fatigued, as they would with a traditional spray bottle. Applying solutions with a hand held pump sprayer is easier, quicker, and more convenient. There are so many useful advantages to this gardening tool that it is certain to become one of your favorite gadgets.


What is a hand pump sprayer?

A man prepparing to juse PetraTools HD200 handp pump sprayer

If you want to streamline your spraying tasks, a hand held pump sprayer is the ideal device. Whether you need to water your hanging flower baskets, spray fertilizer on your garden, or apply an organic pesticide on your tomato plants, a trusty pump sprayer is going to make the job much easier, quicker, and more convenient. You can get creative and utilize a pump sprayer for other tasks such as applying deicing liquids, spraying algae and mildew removal on decks, or washing away debris from walkways or patios. Hand held pump sprayers can range in size from .25 gallons to 3 gallons or even bigger. You can choose the one that is right for your needs, but many home owners and gardeners find that the pump sprayer 1 gallon size is just right for any spraying need.


Hand pump sprayers:

  • Are small and lightweight
  • Are effective and affordable
  • Can be used to spray a variety of liquids
  • Come in a variety of tank sizes
  • Have a plastic or metal basin with a pump/handle
  • Have a wand that sprays liquids
  • May have a strap allowing you to wear it over your shoulder
  • Become pressurized with pumping and then spray continuously until the pressure dissipates


How to use a hand pump sprayer?

A man using PetraTools hand pump sprayer

Hand held pump sprayers have a handle that the user pumps manually to pressurize the tank. After pumping, the pressure forces liquid out of the nozzle once your pull the trigger. Once the spray begins to slow, you will need to periodically pump again to enable more spraying.

Using a pump sprayer is easy:

  • Wear gloves and safety goggles depending on what solution you will be spraying
  • Remove the lid
  • Fill the tank with the specified amount of solution and water
  • Put the lid back on
  • Take hold of the handle and push and pull up and down with slow and continuous motion
  • Once the handle becomes too difficult to push/pull, the tank will be pressurized
  • Make sure the nozzle on the tip of the wand is open or turned to the selected setting
  • Grasp the handle on the wand to begin spraying
  • Continue spraying until the spray becomes weak
  • Pump a few more times to repressurize
  • Continue until your spraying job is complete
  • When finished, pull the pressure release valve to discharge pressure

Many people ask how much pressure is in a hand pump sprayer?
The answer is that models will vary, but hand held pump sprayers generally have about 40 PSI of pressure, which is normally just right for your home, garden, growing, and landscaping needs.


How to clean a hand pump sprayer?

One important aspect of using a hand pump sprayer, whether it be a 1 gallon, 3 gallon, or larger is to properly clean it and maintain it. Dirt and debris can obstruct water and solution flow, so it’s important to make sure your sprayer is operating correctly. Regular cleaning is important for your sprayer’s longevity.

Regular cleaning will prevent the common problem of clogging.

Cleaning and maintaining a pump sprayer is essential yet easy:

  • Inspect the tank, wand, nozzle, and pump regularly
  • After use, fill the tank with water, shake, and then dump the water out
  • Fill the tank with water and a bit of liquid soap, shake, and spray this solution through using the wand and nozzle
  • Fill the tank again with clean water (no soap), shake and dump
  • Store indoors if possible


What are the benefits of a hand pump sprayer?

A man spraying solutions on the plant using PetraTools han pump sprayer

Hand held pump sprayers are something everyone should have. They are an essential tool for your home and garden needs. In addition to the traditional lawn and garden spraying, your hand pump sprayer can be used for a wide range of different spray applications.

Hand pump sprayers have numerous benefits:

  • Portable & Lightweight
  • Easy to Use
  • Sized just right or many tasks
  • Useful for spraying weed killer, pesticides, and insecticides
  • Great for applying fertilizers and watering plants and flowers
  • Can be used to spot treat carpet stains or mildew in the bathroom
  • Easy to clean and maintain



The purchase of a high-quality hand pump sprayer is going to be one that you’ll be happy you made. But since there are a wide range of hand pump sprayers on the market, you need to do your research and select the one with the best features and the most durability. Our recommendation is the pump sprayer 1 gallon size from PetraTools. PetraTools is a family-owned, American company that delivers top-notch lawn and garden equipment to homeowners and professionals alike. The PetraTools HD100 is a smart choice for those wanting a pump sprayer 1 gallon size. This hand held pump sprayer is perfect for applying any liquid solution with ease. You will love the quality, convenience, and durability of all the PetraTools’ rock-solid sprayers.

The HD100 has so many benefits that you will appreciate:

  • A pressure release valve
  • A bowl-shaped mouth for easy pouring
  • A sturdy, spray handle
  • A strong, comfortable slide sling strap
  • An ergonomic handle that is easy to pump
  • An adjustable nozzle for different spraying needs
  • A heavy-duty wand that sprays any chemical
  • A bowl-shaped mouth that making it easy to pour solutions
  • A sturdy, spray handle
  • A 1 gallon translucent tank



A hand held pump sprayer is a must-have for every household. They are used for spraying pesticides, fertilizers, cleaners, sealers, or water. Just about any liquid solution can be added to the tank and once pressurized, can be easily sprayed through the wand. These sprayers are useful for lawn and garden spraying, pest control, cleaning, and more. You will appreciate the many uses, convenience, portability, and functionality