See at a glance where you have applied your spraying solutions like fertilizers, herbicides, pesticides, fungicides, and more with our super strength spray pattern indicator that helps ensure an even application every time you spray.

What is Sprayer’s Blue? 

Add Sprayer’s Blue to any sprayable liquid and instantly see where you have applied your solutions to avoid over spraying and missed areas. Saves you time and money, while optimizing the health of your lawn & garden.

PetraTools Sprayer’s Blue is:

  • A highly visible blue solution, spray indicator that is added to your spray tank and mixed into your liquid solution.
  • When spraying your solution, the addition of Sprayer’s Blue allows you to see exactly where you have applied solutions such as fertilizers, herbicides, pesticides, fungicides, or any of your chosen solutions.
  • A temporary colorant that is added to water-soluble solutions that has no effect on the solution being applied.
  • Dissipates in 24 to 48 hours without staining


What Are the Benefits of Sprayer’s Blue? 

Our Sprayer’s Blue formula is a spray indicator that allows users to see exactly where they’ve applied their solution at a quick glance.

The beneficial results of using our Sprayer’s Blue are:

  • Allows you to see at a glance exactly where you have sprayed to avoid skipped areas & striping and overlapping liquid applications to improve the health of your plants, crops, and lawn
  • Maximizes liquid products and avoids waste while simultaneously boosting cost efficiency
  • Non-toxic and non-corrosive
  • Helps eliminate overspray and spray overlap
  • Naturally fades after 24 to 48 hours
  • Helps detect spray faults like clogged nozzles or partial blockages in your sprayer
  • Does not stain skin or turf, harm plants, grass, people, or pets


How Does Sprayer’s Blue Work? 

Simply add as directed to your chosen liquid spray solution to identify exactly where you have sprayed.

Our Sprayer’s Blue works to:

  • Provide a visual indication of exactly where any water-soluble liquid solution has been sprayed to enhance the health of lawns & gardens and avoid overspray, striping, and missed areas.

What Are the Ingredients in Sprayer’s Blue? 

Our Sprayer’s Blue solution is an ultra-blue super strength concentrate that is comprised of 100% safe and non-irritating, ingredients.

The ingredients in our Sprayer’s Blue are:

  • USA based, pesticide-free, non-toxic, and all-natural
  • 100% organic formula
  • 100% safe and legitimately all-natural solution
  • No additives so it won’t harm pets, people, grass, plants, or crops of any kind

How to Mix and Store Our Sprayer’s Blue Concentrate? 

PetraTools Sprayer’s Blue is easy to mix and store.

  • Add just 1/6 oz or 1 teaspoon per gallon of water
  • Add just 2/3 oz or 4 teaspoons per 4 gallons of water
  • You can increase or decrease the amount to get a darker or lighter blue pattern indicator.

How to Use Our Sprayer’s Blue? 

We recommend applying Sprayer’s Blue with one of our PetraTools Sprayers, but you can choose the application method of your choice.

Things to consider with the application of our Sprayer’s Blue:

  • It is a colorant and has no effect on the solution being sprayed.
  • While Sprayer’s Blue will not permanently stain your tank, it is recommended to clean & thoroughly rinse after each use.

In Conclusion: 

Gardeners and horticulturalists alike will appreciate Sprayer’s Blue for the convenience, efficiency, and cost-saving measures it provides. Our spray indicator ensures even applications of all types of water-soluble solutions to maximize the efficiency of your fertilizers, herbicides, pesticides, fungicides, and more. Make your life easier and optimize the health and growth of your lawn & garden with PetraTools’ Sprayer’s Blue.