Myco-what? Do your plants need mycorrhizal fungi? Well, if you're getting this article, then it's a good chance they do. Mycorrhizal fungi are just what their name implies – fungi that help in the transfer of nutrients from a substrate to another organism.

It is believed that by using mycorrhizal fungi, the roots of plants will grow more quickly and be able to better absorb nutrients from the soil. Many gardeners are wary of adding fungi to the soil, so what are mycorrhizal fungi and how does it benefit plants?

Keep reading to learn more about this incredible fungus!


What are mycorrhizal fungi?

Often ignored by gardeners and landscapers, these funky fungi are soil microbes that your plants need to grow.

If you have planted anything in the soil, you have encountered mycorrhizal fungi – unless the plant is grown in a synthetic potting medium.

Mycorrhizal fungi are made up of many different types of fungus called mycorrhizae.

They live on plant roots and extend out into the soil, connecting your plants to other life forms such as beneficial microorganisms and nutrients. Most soils contain these fungi already, including your garden.

Because this fungus lives in a symbiotic relationship with plants, it uses the sugar and carbon that are its hosts' energy source while also supplying water and nutrients like phosphorus.

This relationship has a secondary feeding system for the plant, being able to draw on more moisture and nutrients than just by its roots.


Main Types of Mycorrhizal fungi

There are two main types of mycorrhizal fungi: ectomycorrhizae and endomycorrhizae. Each have their own benefits:

Ectomycorrhizae (EM) is the most common type of fungi and can be found in all soil types. Its spores form a sheath around plant roots, feeding on their sugars.

This type of fungus also increases root growth and helps plants absorb nutrients from the soil. In return, the plant supplies the fungus with nutrients.

Endomycorrhizae (EM) is another common type that lives inside plant roots instead of outside them.

It forms a similar relationship as EM but has different functions and benefits to your garden. Endomycorrhizae provides a source of nitrogen and phosphorus.

It also helps to increase water absorption in the soil and prevent harmful compounds from leaching away.

These two types of beneficial fungi are often found together in the same product. They work together to increase root growth, improve nutrient absorption and increase overall plant health.


How do mycorrhizal fungi benefit my plants?

Mycorrhizal fungi are an essential part of your garden’s ecosystem. They help plants absorb nutrients, water, and minerals from the soil and increase their root growth.

These fungi also protect plants from harmful bacteria and fungi that could cause disease.

Mycorrhizal fungi help plants take up nutrients and water from the soil more efficiently. This increases the amount of food your plants can produce, which is especially important when growing in sandy or poor soils.


Which plant benefits from mycorrhizal fungi?

All plants need mycorrhizal fungi to thrive. Mycorrhizal fungi are beneficial for all types of plants, including vegetables, trees, and shrubs.

However, some plants require more mycorrhizae than others. For example, container-grown plants that are grown in nutrient-poor soils may benefit from the addition of mycorrhizal fungi products to their soil mix.

Mycorrhizal fungi are also beneficial for urban gardeners and farmers who want to grow food in areas with poor soil quality.

This is because mycorrhizae help plants take up nutrients from the soil more efficiently, which increases the amount of food your plants can produce.


How do you know if your plants need mycorrhizal fungi?

Knowing when your plants need mycorrhizal fungi isn't rocket science. However, there are some cases in which you really need to keep a closer look to determine whether to get help from this fungus or not.

If you notice that your plants are growing slowly, have fewer flowers and fruits than you would expect, or have yellow leaves, then it may be time to add mycorrhizal fungi to the soil.

If your plants aren’t thriving like they used to, this is an important step that can help improve their health.


When's the best time to use Mycorrhizal Fungi?

It would be too expensive and overkill to use an additive like this in most situations. The best time to use mycorrhizal fungi is when you’re planting new plants or transplanting existing ones.

It is best to use mycorrhizal fungi only when planting certain plants that will benefit the most from having their roots develop faster.

You can also use it if you notice that your plants aren’t growing as well as they used to and think that their root systems are suffering from a lack of nutrients.


How to use mycorrhizal fungi?

The simplest way to use mycorrhizal fungi is by adding them directly to your soil.

This can be done either before or after planting, depending on the type of plant you’re growing and how much time you have available.

Before planting, make sure the roots are moist and hold the plant over the hole, so that its roots can dangle in it.

If you are adding mycorrhizal fungi directly to your soil, make sure that they are evenly distributed throughout. This can be done by mixing them in with compost or potting mix before planting and watering in. You should also water plants regularly to help them establish themselves in their new environment as well as provide nutrients for their growth.

If you want faster results and are planting new plants, add the fungi right away when transplanting them into their new home.


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Mycorrhizal fungi are a key component when it comes to improving the health and overall vitality of your plants. Unfortunately, many gardeners don't use them, because they don't really understand what they are or how they work.

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