As home or business owners, we love beautiful surroundings with lots of color and a neat, clean, and attractive appearance. We also know that keeping this well-manicured look can be time consuming and sometimes costly. But with the advent of some new and unique products, our lawn and garden maintenance jobs are getting easier and easier. There’s an amazing spray-on product called Mulch Glue. You apply this ‘glue’ on top of already spread mulch. Mulch Glue is an adhesive that holds mulch and locks it into place. You won’t have to worry about your mulch being blown or washed out of your landscape beds by wind, water, or rain. You won’t have to put up with constantly sweeping mulch off your walkways, patios, porches, and decks. And you won’t have to worry about the cost involved in having new mulch spread. Just spread your fresh mulch, then lock it in place with Mulch Glue. Best of all, Mulch Glue is not just for mulch. It works with gravel, stones, pebbles, wood chips, pine straw, shells, sand, or any organic material in your landscape beds.


What is Mulch Glue? 

Mulch Glue is an incredibly innovative product that bonds any landscaping material. After you spread the organic material of your choice in your landscape and flower beds, simply spray an application of Mulch Glue on top and lock that material in place. Your mulch, stones, gravel, or wood chips won’t wash away, be blown away, or pushed out of your landscape beds. Let’s think of it as a clear adhesive or bonding spray sort of like a hairspray or gel product for your hair. 


Mulch Glue is: 

  • An adhesive spray solution that keeps mulch, stones, hay, straw, or any organic material in your flower and landscape beds where it belongs
  • A quick and easy adhesive spray that locks mulch and other organic materials in place, so it doesn’t spill over onto your walkways, patio, deck, or into your lawn.
  • A spray solution that won’t interfere with the absorption of water, sunlight, and nutrients in the sprayed area.
  • A solution that will not deter or harm the growth of plants, flowers, or any other greenery in the sprayed area
  • Ideal for keeping your landscaping clean, neat, and tidy looking
  • A type of top coat or anchor solution that will allow you to easily blow leaves and debris right off the top of the mulch itself.
  • A great way to extend the life and look of your mulch or organic landscape and bedding material
  • An excellent way to gain instant curb appeal for your home or business  

What Are the Ingredients in Mulch Glue?  

Mulch Glue is made to keep your mulch, bark, stones, pebble, stray, and any organic flower or landscape bed material right where you put it with completely safe and effective ingredients.


The ingredients in Mulch Glue are: 

  • Pesticide-free and non-toxic
  • Safe for people and pets, as well as the environment
  • Water-based
  • Rapid drying  
  • Rain Proof
  • UV Resistant 
  • a non-blocking top coat that still allows water, nutrients, and other spray solutions to flow to flowers, plants, and trees


How Does Mulch Glue Work?  

Mulch Glue is a bonding agent that is sprayed over your mulch to keep it in place. Once sprayed over the surface of your mulch, it acts as a protective covering that avoids erosion and reduces wash out while locking mulch in place. It is normally a concentrate that needs to be mixed with water before being applied.

Use a lawn and garden sprayer to apply Mulch Glue because it: 

  • Uniformly covers the mulch or material in your beds thereby bonding them in a cohesive unit
  • Ensures excellent adhesion to the mulch material
  • Can last for an entire year even with rain and sunlight exposure.


Spraying solution in a mulch

What Are the Benefits of Mulch Glue?  

With Mulch Glue, you’ll have a simple lawn care solution to the problem of mulch drift and run-away mulch.


There are a number of advantages to using Mulch Glue: 

  • Works on any type or brand of mulch, both organic and inorganic
  • Works on wood or rubber mulch, wood chips, pine, old grass clippings and more
  • Completely safe for people, pets, and the environment
  • Quick, easy, and cost-effective  
  • Keeps landscaping beds neat and tidy and avoids the need to clean up stray mulch
  • Great for home owners, lawn care professionals, and DIYers  
  • Sprays on evenly and covers uniformly 
  • Lasts for up to a year 
  • Dries quickly, usually in under an hour
  • It dries clear with no dull or whitish finish
  • Still allows oxygen, water, and nutrients to pass through so the soil stays healthy


A lady using a sprayer spraying PetraTools Mulch Glue in the mulch

How to Use Mulch Glue?  

Use a sprayer to quickly and easily mix and apply Mulch Glue. This lawn care solution will help you maintain neat flower and landscaping beds throughout the entire year.

Recommendation for the application of Mulch Glue: 

  • For the most efficient application, use a battery-powered or any pump or electric sprayer
  • Shake the bottle well before mixing
  • Follow instructions on the bottle
  • Remember that depending on the type of material, you may need more or less glue
  • Once you have mixed the Mulch Glue, a fan nozzle provides the best application.
  • Keep the spray about 6 to 8 inches above the mulch
  • Avoid spraying on a windy day
  • Allow about 1 hour for drying


A gallons of PetraTools Mulch Glue with a snnipets of it's benefits on it's side

There are several of Mulch Glues on the market. If you want one that stands out from the rest, you’ll love PetraTools’ Max Mulch Glue, a superior bonding and rapid locking formula. It’s 30% more concentrated than leading brands. PetraTools’ Max Mulch Glue is engineered to keep your mulch, bark, stones, or gravel in place and resistant to erosion and displacement caused by wind and rain. This Max Glue Mulch leverages custom, water-based binder technology for a safe, strong, and invisible bond between the mulch or pieces of the organic material being used in the landscaping bed.

Two mulch bed, one with PetraTools Mulch Glue, the other one is without.

PetraTools’ Max Mulch Glue allows for water drainage and the passage of vital nutrients to the soil beneath. It is hands down, the best Mulch Glue available, and an incredibly unique lawn care solution that is ideal for anyone and everyone who loves and appreciates a well-kept lawn with beautifully manicured landscaping beds.

It’s time to stop sweeping and watching your mulch wash away every time it rains or gets windy. Just spray this strong adhesive Mulch Glue, and you’ll enjoy neat and tidy flower and landscape beds year-round.