Experts say you should aerate your lawn at least once a year and even more frequently in high-traffic areas. But old-fashioned core aeration is dirty, expensive, and time-consuming. Get better results in a lot less time using PetraTools’ Lawn Aerator Max liquid concentrate. Just spray it on and let the solution do all the hard work!  

What is Lawn Aerator Max? 

Lawn Aerator Max is a liquid concentrate that is infused with humic & fulvic acid and other proprietary ingredients to loosen compacted soil, improve drainage, and allow for greater nutrient, oxygen, and water absorption, while simultaneously conditioning the soil with beneficial microbes, minerals, & nutrients.

PetraTools Lawn Aerator Max is:

  • A liquid concentrate mixed at a ratio of 1 ounce per gallon of water.  
  • Designed to be applied with a PetraTools battery-powered sprayer for best coverage, although any lawn or garden sprayer will work.  
  • Safe for pets, plants, and people when used according to directions.  
  • Our most powerful liquid aeration formula. 


What Are the Benefits of Lawn Aerator Max?

Our newly-formulated Lawn Aerator Max contains safe & effective ingredients to power through the layer of compacted soil and grass clippings that become thatch over time. It also contains humic and fulvic acids to condition the soil.

The beneficial results of using our Lawn Aerator Max are:

  •  Greatly improved nutrient uptake, deep into plant roots 
  • Promotes a healthier lawn with better water absorption and drainage  
  • Eliminates the need for costly core-aeration methods 
  • Works naturally to break down compacted soil & old layers of lawn thatch  
  • Gentle and safe liquid treatment won’t harm plants 
  • Conditions and loosens soil deeply 
  • Made in the U.S.A.  


How Does Lawn Aerator Max Work?

Simply add 1 ounce of solution to each gallon of water in your sprayer. Apply evenly so that a gallon of solution covers an area of approximately 1250 square feet for maximum beneficial results. Can also be combined with PetraTools Sprayer’s Blue for easy visual application.  

Our Lawn Aerator Max works to: 

  • Improve soil health through beneficial aeration 
  • Promote healthy water and nutrient intake, deep into the root level of the soil 
  • Eliminate years of thatch caused by lawn mowing/grass clippings  
  • Condition topsoil, & improve root growth 


Who Can Benefit From Lawn Aerator Max?

Our concentrated solution makes it easier than ever to have a green, lush lawn. Simply mix, apply, and water lawn for deep soil penetration.   

Soil compaction and thick thatch layer affect all lawn types:

  • Normal mowing produces grass clippings which over time can create a thick thatch layer, blocking water, nutrients, and air 
  • New construction homes frequently use sod grass over top of soil that’s highly compacted from foot traffic & construction vehicles 
  • Water erosion of topsoil often leaves a compacted clay layer that’s difficult for plants to grow in 
  • Older, established lawns frequently benefit greatly from the very first aeration treatment 


What Are the Ingredients in Lawn Aerator Max?

Our liquid Lawn Aerator Max solution is an ultra-concentrated, proprietary formula infused with beneficial humic/fulvic acid to not only break up the thatch layer found in most yards, but also condition and soften the soil beneath it. The two-part formula contains ammonium lauryl sulfate to break up the thatch, and beneficial nutrients, minerals, & microbes to condition the soil. 

The ingredients in our Lawn Aerator Max are:

  •  Made in the USA, pesticide-free, non-toxic, and all-natural 
  • Safe for pets and people when used as directed  
  • 100% safe and legitimately all-natural solution  
  • No additives so it won’t harm pets, people, grass, plants, or crops of any kind   


How to Mix and Store Our Lawn Aerator Max Liquid?  

PetraTools Lawn Aerator Max is easy to mix and store.  

  • Add just 1 ounce per gallon of water  
  • Add 4 ounces to 4 gallons of water in our HD4000 lawn & garden sprayer  
  • Always shake well before use 
  • Store inside when possible and do not allow to freeze 


How to Use Our Lawn Aerator Max?

We recommend applying Lawn Aerator Max with one of our battery-powered backpack PetraTools Sprayers, but you can choose the application method of your choice.  

Things to consider with the application of our Lawn Aerator Max:

  •  Lawn Aerator Max is a concentrate and must be mixed with water before use 
  • Rinse tank after use, and spray residual onto treated lawn 
  • Apply before 10am or after 5pm for maximum effectiveness 
  • For deeper penetration we strongly recommend watering lawn for 20 minutes after application 


In Conclusion:

All lawns can benefit from aeration, and when done regularly liquid aeration can produce better results than mechanical or physical aeration, without the mess and cost associated with them. Simply apply Lawn Aerator Max to deliver a treatment that breaks down stubborn thatch layers AND conditions the soil at the same time!