At PetraTools, we make a sprayer for every budget and workload. Our HD2000 is one of the newest to our lineup, and is designed with the homeowner & gardener in mind. Whether you’re doing spring weeding around the driveway, watering hard to reach hanging baskets, or fertilizing your vegetable garden, the HD2000 has the portability and power to handle it all. 


Why Choose the HD2000 

For years, all homeowners had to choose from to help tackle spray jobs was the old plastic pump sprayer that was hard to fill, hard to clean, and didn’t give us any control over our liquid flow. Remember those days? Well look to the future with the affordable and easy to use HD2000  

Small But Loaded With Value  

  • Ultra-Life rechargeable battery provides hours of spraying
  • Quiet pump for total control over flow at all times
  • Variable pressure knob delivers up to 80 PSI so you can spray new seedlings and old growth trees alike
  • Large-mouth opening for easy fill & clean out
  • Five unique nozzles included to help you tackle all your spray jobs
  • Pairs perfectly with PetraTools liquid solutions, or your own home brews

What’s Included in the Box?  

We provide everything you’ll need to be up and running in under 10 minutes. Simply thread on one of the 5 nozzles, fill with liquid, and get started!  

Inside the Box You’ll Find  

  • Full-color owner’s manual (like every PetraTools sprayer)
  • Sprayer with hose already attached 
  • Accessories pack
  • Extended Warranty card
  • Wand & valve handle with trigger lock
  • Soft padded backpack straps

Features, features, features! 

The HD2000 resembles its bigger cousins the HD3000 & 4000 but with a smaller tank. We kept the features list of those larger sprayers and just fit them into a smaller frame. 

The HD2000 is at the TOP of the small sprayer market, with good reason…  

  • Powerful battery & demand pump (turns itself on & off) that cycles as pressure is needed. Super quiet, too! 
  • Wide-mouth opening for pouring & mixing solution. Makes rinsing a breeze at the end of the day.
  • Mesh filter at the top to trap fine debris, bugs, etc.
  • Backlit LED voltmeter for constant readout of battery health.
  • Fully adjustable, comfy backpack straps and waist strap for maximum weight distribution.
  • 4-foot long, high-pressure hose with locking valve handle
  • Clip on wand holder for quick storage

What’s In the Accessories Bag? 

Every PetraTools sprayer is rushed to you from our U.S. warehouse, where quality control testing, and our industry-leading customer support happens, too. The accessories bag ordinarily ships inside the tank, so make sure to check inside before filling with liquid.   

Like every PetraTools sprayer, the HD2000 accessories bag is full of surprises! 

  • FIVE unique spray nozzles to help you tackle ANY spray job 
  • Roll of teflon plumber’s tape to wrap all connections & prevent leaks 
  • Extended warranty card – extends basic warranty by 90 additional days
  • Auto-off battery charger – plug it in & forget about it 
  • Extra set of o-ring/gaskets  

What Are the Five Nozzles Used For? 


Right out of the box you’ll love the HD2000’s utility. It comes ready to tackle all your household jobs right away, and the five nozzles combine great with the adjustable pressure knob to spray even the most delicate plants.   


  • Red Cone Nozzle – Our most popular nozzle. Creates a shower of water or solution without the overspray of a garden hose. 


  • Blue Triple Mister – Made for your most delicate plants & seedlings. 

  • Black Nozzle – Fully adjustable from a fine mist to a 20 foot focused spray. 

  • Orange Flower Top – Great for general plant watering, like raised beds & hanging flower baskets. 

  • Yellow Flat Nozzle – For flat fan spraying. Applies a wide, but thin fan of liquid, for grass & mulch painting, and other similar applications.

Assembling Your New HD2000 


 While our HD2000 is mostly ready to use, you do have a few steps to take before you begin your first test run.  

  • We STRONGLY recommend wrapping all threaded connections with the plumber’s tape we included, before assembly, to prevent leaks!
  • Your valve handle with red trigger button will need to be threaded onto the black hose coming from the tank.
  • Remove the wand from its cardboard sheathing. Thread it carefully onto the valve handle.
  • Select the nozzle you need from the five that are included in the accessories bag. Thread it onto the end of the wand.

HD2000 Battery Replacement 

Our batteries rarely fail, if stored properly indoors & used regularly. But after several years, this procedure may be necessary.   

  • Ensure the unit is NOT plugged in. Turn the pressure knob all the way to the left/off position.
  • Lift up the bottom of the black padded back pad. This will reveal the orange battery door.
  • Open the battery door by pressing the button and pulling the door out & away. 
  • Make a note of wire position on battery. Gently remove the red(+) and black(-) wires from the battery, then slide old battery out of its compartment.
  • Slide new battery in with terminals in the same orientation as the old battery. Reconnect wires as they were before.
  • Close access door.

Priming the HD2000 

Most calls for customer support involve priming the pump. This is especially true for the first use out of the box, or the first use of the year after storage.  

  • Place the end of a garden hose into wide-mouth opening, and hold it next to filter at bottom of tank.
  • Turn on water at spigot. With battery fully charged, turn pressure dial all the way up (right) on the HD2000. Hold trigger on valve handle until spray comes out of wand/nozzle. 

A second method is also equally effective for priming the pump.  

  • Add 2 gallons of warm tap water to the tank. Add 2 teaspoons of liquid dish soap. Shake to combine.
  • With battery fully charged, turn pressure dial all the way up (right) on the HD2000. Hold trigger on valve handle until spray comes out of wand/nozzle.

Troubleshooting the HD2000  

  • Leaks can occur when high pressure is applied with liquids. Make sure all threaded assemblies are wrapped with plumber’s tape, and tightened. Nozzles, the wand, and the valve handle can all become loose with use. Tighten frequently.
  • ALWAYS return the pressure dial on the side of the unit to the left (off) position when done using. The LED voltmeter on the front will turn off. If your HD2000 is left on too long, it will damage & eventually destroy the pump.
  • The battery in your unit should provide many years of service. If it will not hold a charge any more, and you see a light on the battery charger indicating it’s functioning properly, it may be time to replace the battery.
  • Never spray liquids thicker than milk. Do not attempt to use paint in your PetraTools sprayer as the unit will be destroyed.

PetraTools Support Included With Every Sprayer  

Our industry-leading support blows away the competition! Read the reviews on any of our sprayers, and our U.S. based customer support team ensures a smooth transition from purchase to use. Whether you need help with assembly, can’t find a part, or wonder how a feature can be used in a particular spraying application, you can quickly reach out to our Carlisle, Pennsylvania Customer Support Line, at 1-800-613-6889. Our customer support staff has been with us since the beginning, and are experts in every facet of EVERY model we sell! They’ll walk you through any issues that might arise, and will assist you in registering your new sprayer so that you can take advantage of our extended warranty.  

  • Knowledgeable staff based in our Carlisle, PA warehouse with access to EVERY model we sell
  • Able to ship replacement parts 
  • 800 number & support website/chat QR code available on all our print material, boxes, & bags
  • No upselling or commissions, our reps are here to serve you!

Grab One Now!  

There’s a reason our HD2000 sells out quickly: it’s the best battery-powered mini-sprayer on the market! Order one now, and experience the PetraTools difference. Keep spraying! 



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