Foggers are unique machines designed to apply solutions or water via microscopic droplets. These droplets become atomized spray that emits from the fogger to evenly and thoroughly coat surfaces and objects. The micron sized droplets penetrate tight corners and hard to reach areas. Foggers have the ability to coat surfaces and can be used for sanitizing, cleaning, deodorizing, pest control, weed control, and mold & mildew control. Foggers are effective tools for these purposes as they optimize the distribution and application of liquids. Sprayers are often used for the same purposes, but their spray is not atomized for maximum distribution and absorption.

Larger foggers are best for cleaning as their mist output can be powerful and may harm delicate plants. Mini foggers are portable, easy to use, easy to carry around, and perfect for delicate and your plants. The handheld mini fogger machine has become popular with gardeners and growers as they are ideal for watering seedlings, doing foliar feedings, and applying pest control solutions.


 What Is A Mini Foggers? 

PetraTools mini fogger being used in fogging plants

Most mini foggers or handheld foggers are battery operated, so they can be charged and used to apply liquid solutions to surfaces and objects. The mini fogger distributes microscopic particles onto surfaces and objects for a variety of purposes. In the gardening world, handheld foggers have become a great tool for applying pest control, insecticides, herbicides, and fungicides for healthier plants.

Mini Fogger Machines or Handheld Foggers:

  • Emit microscopic particles that cling easily to surfaces and objects  
  • Help to apply an even coating of liquid rather than just a top coat
  • Can be used for cleaning, disinfecting, deodorizing, weed control, pest control, and mold & mildew control
  • Are tools that have become popular for the care of seedlings and young & delicate plants  


How Does the Mini Fogger Work?  

PetraTools mini fogger being used in fogging an indoor plant

Mini Foggers and handheld foggers take liquid solutions and turn them into microscopic size droplets that are then emitted from the fogger. This forms an atomized spray that can penetrate tight areas, corners, cracks, crevices and difficult to reach areas. For this reason, the fog or mist spray evenly and thoroughly covers objects and surfaces.

Mini Foggers or Handheld foggers:

  • Help turn liquid solutions into a super-fine mist
  • Broadcasts a dry or cold fog into the air that clings to surfaces
  • Give ultra-low volume coverage that maximizes the effectiveness of the solution
  • Can be used for a variety of purposes, but have become popular with pest control application to plants  Deliver continuous mist without pumping when using battery operated units


What are the Uses of Mini Foggers? 

A man using PetraTools mini fogger in his outdoor plants

Foggers are a useful tool for a variety of purposes as mentioned – cleaning, disinfecting, deodorizing, mold & mildew, weed control, pest control, and applying liquid solutions like herbicide, pesticides, fungicides, and insecticides. Cleaning and sanitizing your home, office, school, car, or building is best achieved with a larger fogger, while the Mini Fogger Machine is specifically designed for plant care.

Mini Foggers or Handheld foggers are used for a variety of reasons, such as:

  •  Caring for young and delicate plants
  • Foliar feeding, or administering nutrients or pest control
  • Indoor and outdoor plants
  • Greenhouse plants and crops


What Are the Benefits of Mini Foggers? 

List of benefits of using mini fogger

Foggers in general have the benefit of delivering micron size droplets. These droplets are a fine mist that land on surfaces and entirely coat all areas of objects. This is especially useful for growers as the mist covers all parts of the leaves and stem, as opposed to traditional sprayers where the spray often lays on top of the object of leaf.

The benefits of micron sized droplets or atomized spray with a handheld fogger:

  •  It leads to better coverage and quicker absorption
  • It allows you to target specific areas without the mist floating out into the air
  • It’s helpful in wetting foliage lightly to boost the humidity
  • It can be used to distribute and apply almost any liquid solution
  • They are portable and can be carried anywhere
  • They can be used with any type plant, seedling, and for a variety of other purposes like cleaning and disinfecting


How Do You Use the Mini Fogger?

Using a mini fogger is relatively simple. Choose the solution of choice and follow the mixing instructions. While larger foggers are used for disinfecting and cleaning, the mini fogger is the preferred fogger for misting plants and seedings with insecticides, fungicides, and pesticides. The mini fogger delivers micron sized particles that are ideally suited for delicate plants as seedlings whereas larger foggers emit fog that can be too harsh and powerful for the care of young or fragile plants.

When using the mini fogger, it is important to remember:

  • Follow the mix directions carefully on your selected solution
  • Choose the appropriate setting for the type of plant – many mini foggers have a low, medium, and high setting
  • Stand a foot of so away from the plants while misting so the spray covers the entire plant
  • Continue to monitor the health and well-being of your plants as you apply solutions with a mini fogger


How to Disinfect Using a Fogger?

A man using PetraTools mini fogger in disinfecting an area

A larger sized fogger is the preferred fogging tool as it has a larger tank capacity and emits a powerful flow of mist. These foggers can be used to disinfect your home, place of business, or office.

When disinfecting:

  • Select a disinfectant for your purpose
  • Consider the variety of disinfectants available and choose one that is safe and effective for your purpose
  • Consider choosing chemical free disinfectants that pose no harm to humans


How to Sanitize Using a Fogger?

Larger foggers are also ideal for sanitizing and generally follow the same guidelines as disinfecting with a fogger. Sanitizing kills bacteria on surfaces, whereas disinfecting kills viruses and bacteria, so when selecting a solution to use in your fogger, be sure to identify your intended use.

When sanitizing:

  • Follow the same guidelines as when disinfecting



PetraTools Mini Fogger

PetraTools is an industry leader in the lawn, garden, and growing industry. Because of their years of experience, top-notch customer support, and well-built products, the PetraTools’ Mini Fogger is a great choice for your fogging needs.

The PetraTools’ Mini Fogger is a battery operated mini fogger delivers numerous features and advantages:

  • It’s a battery operated, so charge it up and you’ll have 2+ hours of continuous misting before a re-charge 
  • It’s portable and can be carried anywhere 
  • The handle is comfortable, lightweight, and ergonomic
  • It has 3 levels of mist emission: low, medium, and high  
  • It has an LED indicator light which highlights the area being sprayed 
  • Ultra-low volume spray of 8 microns
  • Please make sure to slide ON-OFF switch to the OFF position when finished using
  • It sprays efficiently to cover areas extremely fast and very evenly
  • It has become the growers’ fogger of choice for foliar spraying and pesticide, insecticide, and fungicide solutions


When you want to experience the benefits of an atomized spray for yourself, it’s time to consider a fogger. While foggers come in different sizes and varieties, the mini fogger machine has become a favorite tool of growers for foliar spraying and various pest control solutions and IPM solutions.