Our Max Strength Grass Paint will turn your dull brown & yellow lawn into the vibrant emerald green lawn of your dreams. Hide the discoloration and damage from aging, drought, disease, pet urine spots, & more and restore your lawn to its lush appearance. 

What is Green Grass Paint?

PetraTools Green Grass Paint is:

  • A spray solution to temporarily hide brown or discolored lawns, fields, and turf and give it a beautiful, natural, and healthy-looking appearance.
  • A quick-fix for giving your lawn a greener more vibrant look
  • Used as a cosmetic style top-coat and can be sprayed without hindering the effects of any type of repair solution or fertilizer product
  • After using our Green Grass paint, your grass will not be harmed and will continue to grow in the sprayed area.
  • Ideal for touching up not only dead, dormant, and dry grass but also any type of foliage.
  • An excellent way to gain instant curb appeal for your home

What Are the Ingredients in Green Grass Paint?

The ingredients in our Green Grass Paint are:

  • USA based, pesticide-free, non-toxic, and all-natural
  • Safe for turf, pets, people, machinery, and the environment • Made from state-of-the-art binder chemistry
  • Rapid drying
  • Rain Proof
  • UV Resistant
  • 100% Pigment-based Colorant
  • Made from proprietary wetting agents that help to spread spray droplets for increased uniformity & a consistent all-around appearance.

How Does Grass Paint Work?

Using a PetraTools Sprayer to apply, our Green Grass Paint:

  • Uniformly covers discoloration in your lawn or field so that it has a professional turf appearance
  • Bonds to the underlying lawn & turf at a molecular level to ensure excellent adhesion and prevent color transfer
  • Can last for months depending on climate & conditions


What Are the Benefits of Green Grass Paint?

There is a myriad of advantages to using our Green Grass Paint: 

  • All natural & safe for pets, children, and equipment
  • More affordable than overseeding
  • Quick, easy, and affordable
  • Instant curb appeal for an aesthetically pleasing appearance
  • A convenient tool during drought and watering restrictions
  • Great for lawn care professionals and DIYers
  • Can protect grass during heat or cold stress
  • Sprays on evenly and covers uniformly
  • Lasts for months
  • Provides an instant cosmetic finish for real estate showings

How to Use Our Green Grass Paint?

Recommendation for the application of our Green Grass Paint: 

  • For the most efficient application, use a PetraTools battery-powered sprayer
  • Follow the mix ratio on the label -1 gallon of water with 12 ounces of Green Grass Paint
  • Test on a small area before moving onto larger applications to ensure desired results
  • Mask surrounding areas that are to be left untreated using a tarp or cardboard
  • Move nearby objects to avoid over spraying
  • To prevent stains, wet any concrete in the immediate vicinity prior to application to avoid staining
  • If the paint does stain paving stones or something similar, simply use a BBQ brush to remove small spots.
  • For larger stains, use a pressure washer or citric based stripper & lightly scrub
  • While best to spray on a dry day, you can apply after a light rain, as the spray is mixed with water prior to application.


In Conclusion:

PetraTools Green Grass Paint is a short-term solution to those unsightly and annoying patches of discoloration in your lawn and fields. With a quick and easy application, your lawn will have the healthy looking, deep-green appearance you want and need.