Caring for your lawn with the most advantageous mowing habits, fertilization techniques, and overall maintenance practices is important to its well-being. But the fact is, you also want your lawns to be stunningly attractive, while you work on any underlying health conditions. You want your lawn to look amazing in every season and in any situation whether that be drought, extreme heat or cold, when it’s time to sell, when want the best-looking lawn in the neighborhood, and when you just want to feel great about the way your outdoor space looks. Your desire for a beautiful, green lawn is about to be fulfilled.


Psychological fact:
There is a strong link between emotional well-being and your physical surroundings.

It’s time enjoy the lush, green lawn you have been thinking about. The feeling of pulling up to your home and seeing an emerald green lawn is one that will lift your mood for sure. You can still work to optimize your lawn’s health, while enjoying an attractive appearance.

Best of all, there is a lawn care solution that makes good looking grass possible anytime, anywhere.

If your interest is piqued, read on and learn about Green Grass Paint.


What is grass paint?

If your lawn is discolored, has brown patches, or is dry and dull, then you may want to consider green grass paint. Grass paint is a quick fix for unattractive lawns. It is a top-coat spray that when applied, acts like a paint and colors your grass a vibrant green. Grass paint allows you to hide discoloration, dryness, and bare spots. With a quick application, you can create a new and improved look for your outdoor space that will also benefit your emotional being.

Psychological Fact:
Color impacts mood. Green, yellow, and pink help to lift your spirits.

Grass paint will allow you to look out over a beautiful, emerald green lawn regardless of the conditions. There is a lot to learn about grass paint, so here are the answers to some of your many questions.


Does Grass Paint damage your grass?

This is probably the most frequently asked question regarding grass paint. Green grass paint is a great lawn care solution, because it will provide the color you desire without causing any damage to your grass.

In fact, there are actually so many benefits to Grass Paint:

  • Effectively covers brown, dry, dull, and discolored patches
  • Does not interfere with water or nutrient absorption
  • Many brands are all-natural
  • Safe for pets, children, and equipment
  • More affordable than overseeding
  • Adds instant curb appeal to your home or business
  • Great for DIY lawn care enthusiasts as well as lawn maintenance professionals
  • Protects grass from environmentally stressful factors like heat and cold
  • Sprays on evenly and covers uniformly
  • Lasts for months
  • Provides instant curb


How do you apply grass paint?

Applying Grass Paint is quick and easy. Using a battery powered lawn and garden sprayer is the best and most efficient way to apply this paint.

Psychological Fact:
Connectedness with nature can lower stress and anxiety.

Recommendation for the application of our Green Grass Paint:

  • Follow the instructions on the label
  • Generally, mix 1 gallon of water with 12 ounces of Green Grass Paint
  • Test on a small area
  • Add more paint if you would like a deeper color or more water for a lighter color
  • Tape or mask surrounding areas as the spray can drift
  • Move outdoor furniture or objects
  • Wetting concrete in the spraying area will prevent staining
  • If staining does occur, a pressure washer or citric based stripper can remove the stains
  • Apply on a dry day


Can you use regular spray paint on grass?

Using spray paint on your grass, or any synthetic paint for that matter, is not recommended.

Synthetic paints or household paints should not be sprayed on or applied to grass because:

  • Chemicals in synthetic paints can cause long lasting damage
  • Water based paints can have a negative effect on grass and plants

How long does grass paint last?

Many varieties of green grass paint provide a green color that can last several months. In time it will fade, but it provides a deep color that will help your lawn look great all throughout the year.

Green grass paint is an aesthetic product that also provides health benefits to your lawn:

  • It hides problems caused by drought, disease, stress, and pet urine
  • It increases surface temperature which can help cold weather growth
  • It protects the grass from drought and heat

Psychological Fact:
Finding beauty in your surroundings can reduce muscle tension and stress hormones.


Does grass paint wash off?

You should give green grass paint an hour or so to dry, and not allow people or pets on it during the drying process. Once dry, grass paint does not wash off.

You can expect green grass paint:

  • Last for many months, perhaps up to a year
  • Eventually fade
  • Stain only if touched before drying
  • Once dry, won’t rub off or stain
  • Continue to provide a finished and colorful look to your lawn

Is paint good for grass?

Many benefits of green grass paint have been shared. It is definitely a lawn care solution that will provides an easy method maintaining an aesthetically pleasing look any time of year and in any environmental condition. Green grass paint does have a number of benefits for your lawn that go beyond just helping it look good.

It is important to remember:

  • Grass paint will color your grass, but is not the answer to solving health problems
  • Grass paint can give your lawn a much-needed face lift while you continue to water and apply other solutions
  • Grass paint can help protect your grass from heat, cold, and drought
  • Grass paint alone is not a cure for a dying lawn or unhealthy grass
  • Grass paint will not inhibit or restrict your grass from absorbing water, nutrients, or other applied solutions


What kind of paint do you use on grass?

By this point, you are probably wondering what are the ingredients in this miracle lawn care solution. Grass paint is super safe for your lawn, your surroundings, and your family.

The ingredients in most green grass paints are:

  • Pesticide-free, non-toxic, and all-natural
  • Safe for turf, pets, people, machinery, and the environment
  • Rapid drying
  • Rain proof
  • UV resistant
  • 100% pigment-based Colorant

Are there recommendations for green grass paint brands?

If you are looking for effective lawn care solutions, choose PetraTools’ Sprayers Green Grass Paint. PetraTools is a family-owned, American company working to keep your homes and businesses clean, green, and healthy. The customer support you’ll receive is unrivaled in the lawn, garden, and growing industry.

Here is what you can expect from PetraTools’ Sprayers Green Paint:

  • All-natural
  • Safe for people, pets, and the environment
  • Quick and easy to apply with a PetraTools’ battery powered sprayer
  • Instant curb appeal and an aesthetically pleasing appearance
  • Perfect for DIY lawn care fans
  • Made from wetting agents that ensure spray uniformity and even coverage
  • State of the art binder chemistry
  • Rain proof and rapid drying
  • 100% pigment-based colorant
  • Pesticide-free, non-toxic
  • Serves as a protectant to your grass against harsh conditions
  • Provides a beautiful and instant cosmetic finish to your lawn



First and foremost, green grass paint is not an alternative for an unhealthy lawn. It will not cure disease or other health problems. But what it will do is provide a brilliant finish to your lawn, so you can feel good about and enjoy the appearance of your lawn– while you work on maintaining it.

Looking at a green, lush lawn also provides many mood boosting opportunities for your mental health. Many of us look at screens for entertainment and work, and scientific evidence suggests that spending time in the outdoors and viewing the greenery and growth around us, can have a positive effect on our well-being.

So go grab some grass paint and transform your outdoor space while improving your overall outlook.