Everyone notices that house on the block with the amazing lawn. The gorgeous green color and lush consistency pop out as you as your drive by with envy. If you’d like that property to be yours, but your lawn has lost its vibrancy and appears dull, you may need to apply a Liquid Nitrogen Fertilizer with a high amount of Nitrogen, like 28-0-0. This liquid fertilizer will help your grass regain its deep green, thick, and healthy appearance. The right Nitrogen Fertilizer will take your grass from dull to deep green after just one application.


What Do the Fertilizer Numbers Mean?

Meaning of numbers in fertilizers

Lawn and plant fertilizers contain three macronutrients – Nitrogen (N), Phosphorus (P), and Potassium (K). Nitrogen fertilizer and ensures lush, thick, deep green grass, while Phosphorous promotes a healthy and robust root system, and Potassium encourages growth, healthy development, and builds plant cells. Nitrogen is the most common deficiency in grass. Grass looks dull, varies in shade, and can take on a yellow appearance. However, Iron deficiencies also cause yellowing, and this type of deficiency normally occurs in highly alkaline soils. If you know your soil has a normal pH level but still looks unhealthy, it is likely a Nitrogen deficiency which can be remedied with an application of Liquid Nitrogen Fertilizer on your lawn. Choosing a fertilizer high in nitrogen is important when your soil lacks Nitrogen.


The ratios have meaning:

  • There are 3 main macronutrients in fertilizers: N, P, and K
  • The percentages of these 3 macronutrients varies.
  • A 12-12-12 fertilizer and a 5-5-5 fertilizer both contain an equal ratio of each element
  • Generally, fertilizers with low nutrient percentages should be used on smaller plants
  • Higher percentages can be used on much larger plants, shrubs, and areas of grass.
  • 28-0-0 Liquid Nitrogen Fertilizer only contains a high amount of the macronutrient Nitrogen, along with micronutrients


What is Liquid Nitrogen Fertilizer?   

Different size variants of PetraTools Nitrogen Fertilizer

28-0-0 Liquid Nitrogen Fertilizer is a high nitrogen-based fertilizer with 70% fast release and 30% slow-release nitrogen capabilities. Fast release allows you to quickly return a beautiful green appearance to your lawn. Slow release allows for nitrogen maintenance between applications to ensure ongoing health.

Liquid Nitrogen Fertilizer: 

  • Helps supply your lawn with needed nutrition
  • 70% fast release provides quick nutrient absorption to quickly help green your grass
  • 30% slow release provides nutrients that will help your lawn maintain nitrogen
  • Can be used on all grass types
  • Helps maintain lawn vigor, color, and quality
  • Is a nutritional supplement for your lawn that enhances growth


How to Determine if You Have a Nitrogen Deficiency?

Grass with sign of nitofen deficiency

Nitrogen deficiencies are common. Nitrogen deficient soil will produce grass that can have three different shades of lighter green across the lawn. The lower, or older growth of the plant, will be lighter than the top of the plant, or the newer growth, when there is a nitrogen deficiency. Overall, if the lawn looks like it has multiple shades of lighter green, a nitrogen deficiency is likely. With that said, a pH level that is too high or low could mean that the plant is not able to properly absorb the iron, not that there is a lack of it in the soil. Soil testing may be necessary to be completely sure if there is any type of deficiency.

Signs of a Nitrogen Deficiency:

  • Old growth at the bottom of the blade appears lighter than new growth at the top
  • Overall, the lawn looks like it has multiple shades of green, none as dark as a healthy yard
  • Long term nitrogen deficiencies result in poor quality grass overall
  • Treating an iron deficiency with nitrogen will worsen the lawn, so be sure of the deficiency before treating
  • Soil testing will help you know for sure whether there is any type of deficiency in your soil


 What Are the Ingredients in Liquid Nitrogen?   

Ingidients in liquid  nitrogen fertilizer

Liquid Nitrogen Fertilizer 28-0-0 contains 28% total nitrogen, as indicated in the first number of the NPK listing. This is a fertilizer rich in the macronutrient Nitrogen to quickly restore the vibrant green color to your lawn. The rest of the ingredients in a 28-0-0 formulas are micronutrients. Nitrogen promotes the production of chlorophyll in plants and produces the green color.

The ingredients in Liquid Nitrogen Fertilizer:  

  • Contain high amounts of the macronutrient Nitrogen as well as micronutrient
  • Can stain concrete or walkways
  • To prevent staining, pre-wet, or cover the areas before a spray application
  • If staining occurs, apply a solution of equal parts water & vinegar and scrub then rinse
  • N, P, and K, are organic compounds and generally won’t cause harm to pets or people
  • Are generally safe, but it’s best to keep pets and people away from Liquid Nitrogen Fertilizer after it has been applied for at least 24-72 hours
  • Will perform better if you keep the lawn regularly watered after applying Liquid Nitrogen
  • Organic fertilizer treatments are safer for people and pets  


What Are the Benefits of Liquid Nitrogen Fertilizers?   

Lawn with Liquid Nitrogen Fertilizer

The premier benefit of Liquid Nitrogen Fertilizer is the emerald green color it will give your lawn. Applying a Liquid Nitrogen to your lawn will also strengthen and beautify your lawn. The 28-0-0 formula delivers both fast and slow-release nitrogen for constant maintenance.

Liquid Nitrogen has several benefits:  

  • Contains both fast and slow-release Nitrogen
  • Helps beautify your lawn and strengthen the quality
  • Can be used on all grass types
  • Works quickly to restore your lawn’s green color


How to Use Liquid Nitrogen Fertilizer?   

A man using backpack sprayer in spraying Liquid Nitrogen Fertilizer in lawn

You need to apply this liquid fertilizer as evenly as possible, so a battery-powered sprayer is recommended. Various brands will have their own mix ratios on their bottles, and the amount will vary depending on individual needs.

Generally, to use Liquid Nitrogen properly: 

  • Read the label for mix directions
  • Mix amounts will depend on the type of grass and the need for a light or heavier treatment
  • Liquid Nitrogen is best applied with a battery-operated sprayer for an even distribution
  • About 5 to 10 ounces of Liquid Nitrogen per 1-Gallon of water
  • You should not have to calculate bottled Liquid Nitrogen Fertilizer, just follow the label instructions
  • It is possible to make your own Liquid Nitrogen Fertilizer by consulting established recipes, but much more convenient to purchase one of the many available on the market.



Before and affect effect of using PetraTools Liquid Nitrogen Ferlizer  in lawn

When you need a superior Liquid Nitrogen Fertilizer for your lawn, PetraTools’ Max Strength Nitrogen Fertilizer – Liquid Nitrogen Lawn Food is the best choice. There are distinctive advantages to PetraTools’ Liquid Nitrogen.

PetraTools’ Max Strength Nitrogen Fertilizer:

  • Brings limp, lifeless blades of grass back to life quickly
  • Is made in the USA
  • Is pesticide free, non-toxic, and environmentally friendly
  • Is people and pet safe
  • Is specially formulated so that you can’t over or under fertilize
  • Dries onto your lawn releasing the exact amount when needed
  • Creates an aesthetically pleasing, emerald green lawn that will by the envy of the neighborhood

For a superior treatment, use a PetraTools’ battery-powered backpack sprayer. These high-quality sprayers provide the ultimate and most efficient application of any liquid solution, including Max Strength Liquid Nitrogen. Partner your Liquid Nitrogen with a PetraTools’ sprayer, and you’ll have the perfect combination for the ideal application.


Nitrogen deficiencies are a common problem in lawns. When you have determined that your lawn is in need of a nitrogen boost, apply a Liquid Nitrogen Fertilizer.