Doing projects on your own has become an American past time. Many people are into flipping houses, adding their own decks, or growing their own food. Because of this, DIY products are readily available to help you grow and develop your skills. Additionally, the DIY craze is growing stronger in many industries.


The History of the DIY Movement

The popularity of DIY products has skyrocketed over the past few years. But ‘doing it yourself’ is actually not a new phenomenon. This movement actually took root a couple hundred years ago. In 1683, Joseph Moxon’s book, Mechanick Exercises explained how to cast metal, engrave, make maps, and more. In 1842, Mary Gascoigne wrote the Handbook of Turning. This handbook explained how to use a lathe to create wooden forms like bowls and plates. Samuel Smiles penned Self-Help in 1859 sharing stories of individuals who became successful through their own efforts rather than through formalized education or training. These are just some of the examples of the early roots of the DIY movement.

Over the decades, the movement grew. And during the COVID-19 pandemic, the ‘do-it-yourself’ revolution increased exponentially. Arts and crafts, baking, cooking, painting, and home renovation were among some of the DIY projects people dove into. With more time at home, and less opportunities to travel, DIY themed activities surged in popularity. Even after the pandemic ended, DIY activities remain wildly common. So, why has the DIY movement continued to expand?


The DIY Movement Continues to Grow in Popularity

Different methods of doing DIY gardening and lawn care

There are a variety of reasons people jump on the DIY bandwagon. DIY projects...

  • Save you money. There is no need to hire an expensive, professional service when you can learn to do something for yourself.
  • Allow you to customize items and situations to your liking. There is no need to eat at an expensive restaurant when you can create a gourmet meal right in your own kitchen. Add the spices you like or turn up the heat if you wish.
  • Help you learn new skills. With a phone or computer, there really isn’t much you can’t find out. YouTube offers tons of explanatory videos on just about anything, and Google is always there for us.
  • Give you a great sense of accomplishment. It may take some trial and error, but once you have mastered a skill, you’ll feel a sense of pride. The DIY method is a real self-esteem booster.


DIY Gardening Products

Different typesof tools for DIY gardening

Gardening products that you can apply on your own plants, vegetables, and flowers are readily available for the DIY gardening and growing enthusiast. From granular fertilizers to liquid herbicides and pesticides, you can care for and maintain your own healthy garden and plants. A suggestion for anyone looking at utilizing DIY gardening products is to first get a soil test. These tests are not expensive and will help you determine any soil deficiencies before you apply any products. Additionally, organic products are readily available and will enhance the longevity of your garden, plants, and flowers. DIY Gardening Products:

  • Come in a wide range of organic options like organic liquid fertilizers that benefit the health and longevity of your garden, rather than synthetic sprays, liquids, granular pellets, or powders that can actually deplete the soil over time.
  • Can save you money, because you won’t need to use an expensive lawn care service
  • Are generally easy to use and appl
  • Allow you to customize the treatment your lawn


 DIY Lawn Care Products

Different types of product needed for DIY lawn care

From specialized tools like ergonomic rakes; cord-free, battery-powered push mowers and weed wackers, the lawn care industry offers a host of innovative DIY lawn care products for those that want to keep a beautiful lawn. Battery powered technology is growing by leaps and bounds, and the added benefit of battery-operated machinery is portability, ease of use, and cord & wire free equipment. Best of all, battery powered, DIY lawn care products don’t need gas or oil. Of these DIY products, the one that could offer the greatest value to your DIY lawn and garden projects are battery powered cart sprayers. Cart sprayers:

  • Are essentially yard sprayers with wheels
  • Can be effortlessly maneuvered over any terrain
  • Allow continuous spray for up to several hours without manual pumping
  • Are ideal for any size lawn
  • Contain larger capacity tanks for less frequent filling and mixing
  • Are perfect for applying any type of liquid solution 



A man using PetraTools cart sprayer in his DIY lawn care method

If you are looking for a cart sprayer that will satisfy any lawn care, gardening, greenhouse, or growing need, then look no further than the PetraTools’ Battery Powered 13 Gallon Pushcart a.k.a, Prime. When it comes to cart sprayers, this yard sprayer with wheels has the spraying capability for any size job. It is ideal for applying pesticides, herbicides, and fertilizers. You can use it around your home for outdoor spraying, and it’s also a smart addition to any commercial or greenhouse operation.

The Prime is a larger capacity sprayer with a 13-gallon tank. It can be easily pushed like a small shopping cart. Once you get to your desired location, you can simply, quickly, and easily reel out the super-long hose and begin spraying. Once done, the hose easily rolls back in with the reel. When it comes to lawn and garden sprayers with wheels, the PetraTools’ Prime features everything you’ll need to spray like a professional.

There are so many reasons to select the Prime from PetraTools. The purchase includes:

  • A powerful lead acid battery that enables up to 6 hours of continuous spray.
  • 6 different nozzles for a wide variety of spray patterns
  • An HD Pro wand
  • A durable handle with trigger lock
  • A 130-foot, high pressure hose
  • A sturdy reel for neat and efficient use of the hose
  • A strong, steel frame
  • Heavy duty wheels that enable easy maneuverability
  • A detachable tool box
  • A wide mouth lid with strainer
  • A molded handle for easy carrying
  • A translucent tank with gallon and liter markings



Doing things yourself instead of paying a professional or service to do it for you, continues to surge in popularity. From flipping houses to growing your own food, DIY is a method many people prefer. It can save you money and give you a sense of self-pride. In recent years, the lawn and garden industry has added an arsenal of tools and products to their DIY lineup. Battery powered cart sprayers are an invaluable tool that will help you take your lawn care and gardening to a whole new level. These garden sprayers with wheels provide automation and convenience to your spray tasks, while saving you time and energy. If you want to lend your hand at growing and gardening, consider a cart sprayer. This DIY tool will help you create and maintain attractive landscaping, beautiful flowers, delicious veggies, and a healthy, green lawn.