Taking care of your lawn and garden shouldn’t be a dreaded job. You need the correct equipment to make the care and maintenance of your outdoor space simple, efficient, and fun. Rakes, shovels, and hoes are a give-in. You may even have a riding lawn mower, but you may not have considered a lawn and garden sprayer. Don’t just consider the average, pump lawn and garden sprayer. Instead, look for a battery powered backpack sprayer. You won’t believe the convenience a backpack sprayer will add to your life. Your outdoor tasks will become easier and more efficient with the right type and size backpack sprayer. Best of all, you’ll save time and money by adding a battery powered backpack sprayer to your lawn care and gardening equipment arsenal.

What is a Battery Powered Backpack Sprayer?

Different Variants of PetraTools Backpack Sprayers

The backpack sprayer allows you to spray water or any type of liquid solution on your lawn, flowers, vegetables, and plants. There are so many benefits and advantages to the battery powered backpack sprayer, that once you give it a try, you’ll never go back to spraying with your hose or your manual pump sprayer.


The battery powered backpack sprayer:

  • Has no difficult to maneuver extension cord or wires allowing you to walk freely
  • Requires no pumping
  • Has shoulder-style backpack straps, so you don’t have to lift a tank filled with heavy liquid
  • Has a rechargeable battery that allows for automatic and continuous spray
  • Lets you efficiently apply water, herbicides, pesticides, fertilizers, any liquid solutions
  • Allows for an even application of liquid solution


What Are the Parts of a Battery Powered Backpack Sprayer?

Different parts of backpack sprayer

Backpack sprayers can vary, but generally they contain the same basic parts.

When you open the box of your new battery powered backpack sprayer, you’ll find:

  • A varying sized, often translucent tank to hold any liquid solution
  • A lid or opening at the top of the tank where you pour the solution or water
  • Some lids have a mesh strainer to prevent debris and bugs from entering the tank
  • Backpack straps that connect to the tank
  • A control panel at the bottom of the tank with the pressure knob and battery charge port
  • Battery built into the tank
  • Battery charger
  • Often times your backpack sprayer will come with a few different nozzles, plumbers’ tape, gaskets, and O-rings for drip-free connections and leak-free seals.


How to Assemble a Battery Powered Backpack Sprayer?

Assembling backpack sprayer

Assembling a lawn and garden sprayer or backpack sprayer is not difficult. With a few easy steps, you’ll be efficiently caring for your yard, flowers, veggies, and plants.

Assembly steps may vary depending on the features, size, and make of the backpack sprayer, but generally you will follow these steps:

  • Thread the valve handle onto the hose
  • Thread the wand onto the valve handle
  • Select the nozzle and thread onto the end of the wand
  • Once assembled, follow the set-up steps listed below


How to Set-Up & Use a Battery Powered Backpack Sprayer?

A person pouring water in the tank of a backpack sprayer

Backpack sprayers are not difficult to set up. With a few easy steps, you will be spraying in no time flat.

The basic set-up includes:

  • Charge the battery before use with the included charger
  • Prime the pump by spraying a couple gallons of warm, soapy water through the tank
  • Add the liquid of your choice – generally nothing thicker than skim milk
  • Dial in the pressure using the pressure knob
  • Squeeze the valve handle and lock, if the sprayer has one, for continuous spray
  • Turn off the pressure adjustment knob when done spraying


What Are the Benefits of a Battery Powered Backpack Sprayer?

A lady spraying plants using backpack sprayer

You don’t have to constantly pump, and you don’t have to lug a heavy tank around your lawn or garden. You simply fill the tank with your desired solution, assemble and prepare for use, then strap the backpack sprayer over your shoulders and onto your back like a hiking backpack. Hold the spraying apparatus in your hand, and you are good to go.

The benefits and advantages are numerous but will vary depending on your selection of size, style, and brand. No matter which you choose, you’ll enjoy:

  • Wire-free and cord-free maneuverability
  • Built-in, rechargeable battery for continuous spraying
  • The ability to walk wherever you need without restriction
  • Ease of use and effortless spraying
  • Saving time and effort while adding convenience and portability to your spraying tasks
  • Saving money on your lawn & garden care and maintenance


How Do You Calibrate a Backpack sprayer?

A man pouring a gardening solution in a measuring cup to be put in backpack sprayer

Before using a backpack sprayer, it is important to calibrate it, so that you are aware of the amount of herbicide, pesticides, fertilizers, or other liquid solutions that you are administering per acre. There are various techniques to calibrate your sprayer, and some methods may seem complex, but the 1/128 calibration method is among the simplest.

  • Consult the user's manual and directions for your sprayer to learn about the method the manufacturer prefers
  • The 1/128 calibration method is straightforward and easy. It requires you to determine how long it takes your sprayer to output 1 gallon of water, so you know how long you have to walk 1000 square feet.
  • Start with a fully charged battery
  • Fill your sprayer with a few gallons of water
  • Spray the water into a separate 1-gallon container for 15 seconds
  • Measure the amount of water collected during the 15 seconds and remember the amount
  • Take the #128 (which is the amount of fluid ounces in one gallon of water)
  • Divide 128 by the number of ounces you recorded during the 15 second calibration test
  • Multiply that number by 15 – for the total number of seconds it takes for your sprayer to output 1-gallon of water
  • Now you will know how long you have to walk 1000 square feet in order to put down 1 gallon of your liquid solution over that 1000 square feet section
  • This will help you set up your walking pace per 1000 square feet


What Should You Look for In a Backpack Sprayer?

A man spraying the lawn using backpack sprayer

The best thing about all backpack sprayers is that they are battery powered and can be worn on your back, thus allowing you to venture anywhere you need to without lugging a heavy hose or constantly filling a bucket of water bottle. Additionally, you do not have to continually pump for the liquid to flow from the sprayer. These are standard benefits if most backpack sprayers. But, there can be some variations that you may want to consider.

When looking for a backpack sprayer, you should think about:

  • The size – if you have a small to normal size lawn or garden, a 2-gallon tank will be adequate
  • Think about the size and weight that you feel comfortable carrying on your back
  • Larger sized lawns, sizable greenhouses, and big gardens may require a 4-gallon or even a larger cart sprayer
  • On-off switch – for standard lawn, garden, and plant care, an on-off switch will probably be sufficient
  • Adjustable pressure – when you need to apply various types of solutions to varying sized areas, you may need a sprayer with an adjustable pressure knob
  • The included accessories, such as multiple nozzles should be a consideration
  • Battery type and life is important as you will need to decide how much continual spray time you would need
  • There are a variety of sprayers on the market so do a little research to determine what size and model will best suit your needs.



Variants of PetraTools Battery Backpack Sprayers

There are a variety of backpack sprayers on the market, but you’ll appreciate the wide variety and solidly build sprayers offered by PetraTools.

PetraTools is a family owned, American company offering high-quality lawn and garden sprayers and solutions that will help you care for your grass, plants, garden and more. Along with industry leading equipment, you’ll enjoy unrivaled customer support. PetraTools offers a host of battery powered backpack sprayers, so you can decide which model is best for you.


The PetraTools’ line of battery powered backpack sprayers includes:
A man wearing a backpack sprayer

The 4K is perfect for growing, plant care, and lawn care. It has an 8AH lead-acid battery that provides up to 8 hours of continuous spray. You’ll enjoy the wide mouth lid for spill proof pouring and a second lid with a marked measuring cup. This battery powered backpack sprayer also includes a mesh filter and 5 different nozzles for various types of spray applications. The high-pressure hose and 70 PSI pump enable adjustable spraying as well. The wand is extendable and includes a locking mechanism on the handle. The 4-gallon, translucent tank has measurement markings, so you’ll know how much solution is in your tank at all times. It’s ideal for home and business owners alike. It’s versatile and adds tons of convenient options to all your lawn and gardening tasks.


A man in a lwan area wearing backpack sprayer at his back

The 3K has many of the same features as the 4K, but with a 3-gallon tank. Like the 4K, it’s ideal for applying pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, fertilizer, and grow solutions of any type. You’ll love the super soft and comfortable backpack straps, and like all PetraTools’ backpack sprayers, you can walk freely around your property spraying hanging baskets, potted plants, and grass. It’s great for greenhouse sprays too.


A man spraying the plants, using PetraTools HD2000backpack sprayer

The 2K, like its cousins the 3K and 4K, is a comfortable, easy, and convenient way to spray plants, grass, gardens, greenhouses and more. It’s lightweight and compact making it a popular backpack sprayer for any homeowner. With many features of a big sprayer, the HD2K is an all-purpose dynamo that will provide you many, many years of reliable use.


A lady spraying the plants usig PetraTools LT-Pro Backpack Sprayer

This uniquely designed backpack sprayer has many of the same deluxe features as the 2K, 3K, and 4K. However, this battery powered backpack sprayer has a rechargeable and removable lithium-ion battery, rather than a lead acid battery. You can purchase a second battery to ensure hours and hours of continuous and reliable spraying. It has a sturdy frame, allowing it to sit solidly when not being used as a backpack sprayer. The LT-Pro is a customer favorite for so many reasons.


A lady spraying the Tree using PetraTools HD4100 Backpack Sprayer

The HD4100 is a uniquely designed backpack sprayer and cart sprayer combo, so in addition to being able to comfortably carry it on your back, you can also push it around in a wheeled cart. It has a super strong battery that allows up to 8 hours of continuous spray allowing you to cover up to 48,000 square feet on a single battery charge. It includes multiple nozzles, an HD wand, translucent tank, and a variety of beneficial features.  



A lady spraying the garden using PetraTools HD4050 Backpack Sprayer

Very similar to the HD4100, the 4050 provides 6 to 8 hours of spray time on a single battery charge. Like the others, the 4050 includes 5 different nozzles, an HD wand, valve handle with locking trigger mechanism, and super padded, comfortable backpack straps. This lawn and garden sprayer is great for applying lawn and garden solutions of all kinds.

As you can see, PetraTools has designed a sprayer that will fit your individual needs. Whether you are a business owner or home owner, you will find a sprayer that is just right for you. Utilizing a battery powered backpack sprayer is going to save you time and money while changing the way you care for and maintain your lawn and garden.


Once you try a backpack sprayer, you will never go back to the traditional methods of using your hose or filling your watering can. These methods are cumbersome, time-consuming, and frustrating. A lawn and garden sprayer or battery powered backpack sprayer will allow you to quickly, evenly, and efficiently spray your solution of choice on any area of your lawn or garden. Maintaining a beautiful looking outdoor space has never been easier or more convenient.