There are many ways of saving your garden from the impending end of the growing season. One great way is by preparing your plants for winter using organic fertilizers and compost.

So, if you’re looking for more tips to help your plants get through the winter season... PetraTools can help! We have simple yet effective ways to improve your garden and make the most of it.

Fall is the season where you'll start to feel a slight chill as winter is nearing and your mulch or compost is getting abundant.

So, why not take advantage of the season to prepare your plants for the winter and enrich them with more nutrients?

You’ll be maximizing the use of your gardening tools such as seedling trays, garden beds, and battery-powered sprayers on wheels.

So, let’s get right to it, and find out some awesome tips for gardening in the fall!

1. Prepare Your Soil for the Coming Winter

A person preparing garden soil bed

Fall is the ideal time to prepare your soil for the months of winter.

Soil preparation in the fall significantly benefits your plants that grow in spring.

Getting rid of weeds, preparing garden beds, and moving plants where necessary are some of the things you need to do.

In terms of removing weeds, you can always spray your trusted liquid herbicide.

To make the application more convenient, especially if you have a large area, upgrade to garden or battery-powered sprayers on wheels, like PetraTools HD5000.

It's a 6.5-gallon sprayer with a 100-foot-long hose that you can use to move around without needing to transfer the machine to another spot.


2. Increase Your Mulch Layer

A hand holding a bunch of mulch in his palm

Fall is the perfect time to beef up your mulch layer to protect your plants from the coming winter.

The layer helps lock in moisture and provides warmth that your plants need.

Add more mulch materials, whether organic or inorganic, to your existing ones to strengthen the winter barrier of your plants.


3. Trim Trees and Garden Plants

A man treeming trees

Trimming trees and garden plants in the fall?

Yes, it's a good form of exercise and an essential part of your gardening routine!

Trimming promotes healthy growth for the plants and aids in their survival during the cold season.

The more you cut, the greater the opportunity there is for the plants to flourish in spring.

One important thing to remember though is to burn cut branches and leaves with diseases.

Don't mix them in your compost as they can contaminate the organic matter.


4. Fertilize Your Plants

Putting fertilizer on the soil with plants

Fall is also ideal for the roots to grow, which means fertilizing is crucial.

As you prepare the garden beds, make sure to fertilize the soil to regain its ideal health.

You can add your own compost to the soil as it is rich in nutrients.

In making your own compost, you can speed up its decomposition process by applying worm tea.

Worm casting tea is a liquid concentrate extracted from earthworm castings, which are rich in nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium.

Don't know where to worm tea?

PetraTools offers you our Worm Tea Fertilizer!

It's formulated with natural ingredients and encourages the fast digestion of organic materials.

For more convenient spraying of worm tea for plants, you can either use a battery-powered backpack sprayer or battery-powered sprayers on wheels.

These sprayers help with the ease of moving around your garden area and remove the burden of carrying all its weight when it’s full.

It's also a convenient tool to have for your lawn and garden.


5. Water Your Plants More Often

A lady spraying on the plants using backpack sprayer

As fall is the best season for root growth, it makes sense to hydrate your plants more often.

The season typically has a good balance of nicely-cooled nights and warm days, but excessive dryness can also occur in the fall.

If you're frequently experiencing this in your area, hydrating your plants more often than usual is important.

Watering can also be done easily with the help of a battery-powered sprayers on wheels.


6. Prepare Your Seedlings

A person preparing seedlings

For seedlings, it's ideal to prepare them in late fall, so they are ready for planting when winter is over.

Place them in seedling trays, and keep them in an environment similar to a greenhouse.

If you have very young trees and shrubs planted in the ground, cover them with frost cloth for protection from the cold season.

This is especially important if your area tends to have extreme frost.


Start Preparing Your Garden Now!

Different types of PetraTools Sprayers and variants of PetraTools worm tea

Whether you’ll start with preparing your soil or trimming trees and plants is not really important.

What matters is that you follow all the tips we mentioned above to successfully protect your plants from winter and prepare them for the planting season.

Don’t forget to include PetraTools worm compost tea and battery-powered sprayers on wheels. when purchasing the gardening materials you need.

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